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Another Tuesday, another #EventIcons – and it’s time to talk about podcasts and events! So, you’ve heard of a play within a play, but when was the last time you heard about a podcast within a podcast? Okay, perhaps the Shakespearean element doesn’t quite fit here. However, today’s episode of our podcast is, indeed, about podcasts. More specifically, podcasts and events.

It seems like every way you turn, someone has their own podcast going on. After all, Endless Events alone has three company podcasts. But there’s still quite a gap in the industry when it comes to bringing podcasts and events together. Why is this the case, considering there’s so much this form of content can give companies? Today, Brandt Krueger and Alex Plaxen sit down with our icons to explore this further.

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Join our awesome hosts, and our very special guests, on this week’s #EventIcons. Featuring Blake Althen of Human Factor, seasoned composer, and director, bringing a contemporary, artistic, and world vibe to his film, television, and video compositions. Aside from music and broadcast mixing, Human Factor specializes in podcasting for member-based organizations. Joining us is also Doug Sandler, founder, and CEO of TurnKey Podcast Productions. Additionally, Doug has created a system for using podcasts as a marketing tool to monetize their show. Lastly, Mike McAllen, award-winning Bee Keeper, and Executive Director of the California Podcast Association. Mike works with Podcasting 4 Associations, and for podcast services for UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

So, buckle up and get ready – it’s time to tackle podcasts and events.

podcasts and events

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Alex Plaxen

Author Alex Plaxen

Founder of Little Bird Told Media, Alex is an award winning international speaker and digital communication strategist for events and conferences. When he's not scrolling through Instagram, you can find Alex at a Washington Capitals game rocking the red, at the movies, or playing board games with his twin brother.

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