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Mobile apps for conferences are becoming staples. If you don’t have one yet for your future events, it’s high time to give some thought to if an event app is a fit for you.

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The upside is convenience and providing quick support to attendees. But with all the commotion lately about data privacy, you also need to think about the downsides. Are you able to keep your audience’s private information secure before, during, and after the event? Beyond the data they provide, it’s also important to provide data security during the event itself when they access their accounts online.

To avoid these and other missteps and others for your future events, we’ve put together a free guide to help you avoid event mistakes. Grab it here!

Sustained Engagement Should Be Your Focus

For many in the industry, connecting with audiences is something that happens only when an event is about to launch. However, like in many other areas, playing the long game reaps much more profit. This is why sustained engagement has become the preferred strategy for many top brands. The term refers to maintaining year-round communication with your audience, building trust and loyalty along the way, as well as allowing you to easily get ideas and feedback from your community. Here’s a guide to help you build your own sustained engagement approach, so you can up your game.


Here Are the Meeting Booking Stats You Need to Know

Online booking platforms have become important tools for helping professionals find ideal meeting rooms for their audience., one such platform, has opened up their statistics so event planners can understand current trends in the space. Their report highlights just how much variety is available in this field, with non-hotel venues getting almost as many bookings as their more traditional counterparts. Also, did you know that more than 9 out of 10 bookings done online are for groups of 20 or less? Around 41% of bookings are also made with discounts or freebies, highlighting the platform’s ease of use and ability for dynamic pricing.


The Lowdown on Event Tech Security

Online security is an important aspect of events. As event professionals, we are responsible for the protection of our audience’s data. This can be done through a variety of techniques, such as encrypted connections, SSL certificates for event sites, and strong passwords for your encrypted WiFi connections. Communications should also be strongly secured, and two-factor authentication (preferably using a physical token) is strongly encouraged. Read more about these tips to hacker-proof your events.

More than 9 out of 10 bookings done online are for groups of 20 or less Click To Tweet

Steps to Building a Data Security Strategy

Data security is a difficult thing because there are lots of little holes that need to get plugged to prevent breaches. This is why it’s important to create rules that everyone can easily execute. There are also legal regulations already in place that we as event planners need to be aware of so that your audience’s data is protected. It doesn’t matter which part of the attendee data you’re gathering, everything needs to be kept locked down under current tech standards to keep them safe. And of course, don’t forget the people factor! Everyone involved needs to be aware of their roles in creating a strong layer of data security for your event.


Have You Chosen Your Perfect Event App Yet?

While an event app does add a lot of sparkle to your event, choosing one without a good plan can lead to headaches. If you need extra help, this article has curated more than a hundred different apps to help you decide the right one for your events. The adoption of event apps continues to grow, however having one isn’t mandatory. So first, understand the value that an app will add to your event. Once you have determined that you really do need an app, then hop over to the guide to start comparing!


Event Planning Across Industries

One of the wonders of being an event planner is that you’re never stuck within a single “industry”. You may choose to specialize not just in a field but in a sphere of your choosing. The entertainment and sports industry, for example, make heavy use of events. So does the hospitality business, and the corporate world. Depending on your skills and prior experience, you can definitely find your calling and specialty in any field you wish!


Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Your Events

Just like event apps, tech stacks are becoming more and more prominent in helping professionals prepare for events. Unlike apps, however, these are becoming more and more of a necessity. Each aspect of your event, from the planning and preparation phase to the post-event processes, can be made easier through these integrated technology solutions. This list contains both free and paid services that work smoothly with each other to improve anything from communication and project management to event-specific aspects like registration and polls.

Get the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Events

Behind the scenes, we know that event planners are critical to each event. But during the event, it’s the keynote speaker who is the lynchpin of the entire occasion. A keynote sets the tone and pace for the whole event, while also acting as an important marketing vehicle. Generally, a good keynote speaker should be able to captivate the audiences with their stories. They should inspire them to think by bringing new ideas to the table. Choosing your perfect speaker would depend on a lot of factors, from the main purpose of your event to your budget. Get the gist of the selection process with this guide, and start your next event on the right note.

During the event, it's the keynote speaker who is the lynchpin of the entire occasion. Click To Tweet


Perfect Your Marketing Plan with These Emails

All marketers know that emails are not meant to be sent just by their lonesome. To be truly effective, each message needs to be part of a chain. Getting this chain of messages right is essential to converting clickers to customers. This guide compiles the important emails you should be using to connect with your audiences, from hyping your event to thanking them for attending.


End Appointment Hassles with Cogsworth

We’ve all been through our fair share of appointment scheduling frustrations, from double booking to managing back-to-back schedules. Cogsworth is an appointment service that allows your clients to schedule meetings with you in less than a minute. If you run a team, it also lets you manage the meetings of your staff members. While there’s no substitute for a trusted personal assistant handling your schedule, having an automated appointment app comes pretty close.



Choosing the right tech for your event is more crucial now more than ever. Your audience might not put a lot of importance in securing their data. That’s why it falls upon us as event organizers to secure it for them.

What steps have you taken to secure your own events? What are your favorite mobile apps for conferences? Comment below and let us know!

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