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The #Metoo movement is an international movement against sexual harassment and assault. It has empowered people throughout the world and given a voice to the voiceless. Like all industries, the events industry has been affected by these issues as well. Today we will be looking at the intersection of #MeToo and events. What can we do in the meetings and events industry to support equality and communication about this issue?

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Our guests are Sarah Soliman of Soliman Productions and Courtney Stanley of CS Consulting. Sarah Soliman is a returning guest of the #EventIcons podcast and has spoken to us about starting your own event company and women in the events industry. Today, our guests are going to take us through the difficult topics of the #MeToo movement. They will discuss some common misconceptions people have about the movement. When we plan meetings and events, what can we do to create safe zones and safe places at our events?

This is an incredibly powerful episode you do not want to miss regarding the important and powerful #MeToo Movement!

Definitely speak up! That's our advice, always speak up. Or find someone who you can trust and speak with. @SarahMSoliman Click To Tweet Organizers are responsible for the safety for every single person who attends the event. Just own it, because it's something that's happening at your event. @LadyPhenomena Click To Tweet

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