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Despite being a generation glued to their screens, marketing events to millennials has been surprisingly successful. I’d venture to guess that it’s because the younger generation is skewed towards collecting experiences rather than possessions. Millenials are primed to consume more when it comes to travel and events.

Of course, the rise of social media and video help fuel the fire a bit. There’s no better way to spread the word than a friend showing off how much fun they had during your event, this is very valuable. Just make sure to create an unforgettable experience and your attendees will do the rest.

World-Class Cities For Your Global Meetings

Global events can be tricky, particularly when you have to choose which city should play host. Each city has something different to offer with cities such as Beijing, Seoul, Madrid, and Buenos Aires becoming popular destinations for events. But how to choose among them? Well, look at the number of expected attendees, the type of environment you need, and a few other criteria. Thankfully, this handy quiz will help you determine which city you will be flying to next for your international event.

What Makes Events Popular With Millennials?

The “Fear of Missing Out” (or FOMO as the cool kids say) sometimes has negative connotations. Oddly enough, it seems to have become an asset for the events industry. FOMO has even been cited as one of the reasons why millennials attend events. In an age where everyone is constantly on their phones and computers, they join events to gain a connection with the community and the world. Millenials wish to gain more experience, and they don’t want to be left out. Leverage this when marketing events to millennials by making events more exclusive and by providing worthwhile experiences to the attendees.

An Event Planner’s Greatest Woes

Being an event planner is no walk in the park. Just like in most other professions, there are pain points that we all share. From marketing events, dealing with long hours to keeping your game face on with clients, event planners need to have an almost superhuman resilience to problems. This Quora thread airs out some of the biggest pain points of event professionals, as well as some suggestions on how to make things better.

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Living In The Live Stream Era

Live streaming is now the norm, and each event worthy of its name is joining the bandwagon. Audiences are loving it. If your brand has a particularly strong social media presence, then live streaming an event could help you build a bigger and more loyal fan base. There are, however, some things to look out for when deciding on your live streaming strategy. This post will give you the lowdown on choosing your platform and your sponsors. It also gives you important tips you need to follow to reach a bigger audience.

Tracking your Event ROI: Goals, Models, Tools, and More

The words “return on investment” is often thrown around a lot in the industry, but how exactly does it apply to events? After spending a significant chunk of your annual budget on events, it’s important to know how much of that spending affected the company’s growth. The proper measurement of an event’s ROI starts with the proper setting of goals for each event. Without that (and without a good grasp of what ROI is and isn’t), you can’t accurately measure an event’s results. This article serves as a primer to all things event ROI and how to apply it for your business.

Why No One’s Watching What You’re Posting

Aside from live events, videos usually take up a significant chunk of a company’s budget. With the whole internet is turning to video, it would seem like now is the perfect time to join the bandwagon. But! What if no one’s watching what you’re posting? First of all, you might be boring your audiences with an awfully long video. Your post might also be missing your target audience when marketing events, by being on the wrong channel. Regardless of the reason behind your lack of views, this guide will help you get back on track with a few effective tips and techniques.

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Boost Your Social Media Strategy With An Employee Policy

Most of the time, businesses start by focusing on a team of social media specialists to draft and carry out their promotional strategies. While this does work, it isn’t as effective as turning each and every employee into one of these “specialists” — ambassadors who could better engage interested parties on the Internet. For this, you need a policy that clearly delineates who can speak on behalf of your company, and who can create and implement guidelines. It’s also important to make sure no private information gets leaked along the way!

Instagram Vs Snapchat Stories: Which Is Better For Marketing?

While Instagram and Snapchat are still neck and neck in their niche, marketers are still undecided which platform is the best one to use marketing. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Instagram Stories, for example, is better for engagement and for usability. It also has a wider audience and better visual impact. Snapchat, on the other hand, is all about spontaneity and being personal, with less competition and a younger audience. Both platforms have great promise when it comes to marketing events.

Disney Takes The Star Wars Experience To A New Level

Star Wars has always wowed its fans with its immersive universe and unique storyline. Now its new owner Disney is taking things to a whole new level. The entertainment colossus is slated to open a Star Wars hotel. Here, each employee (or “cast member”) will be in character and each guest will have his or her own storyline. While it certain to be a hit in terms of sheer entertainment and business value, this endeavor could also teach us a thing or two about how to make a truly immersive experience, whether on the scale of a hotel or perhaps an event.

Airbnb Moves Into Corporate Travel

Long known as a go-to option for individual travelers and backpackers, Airbnb has entered the sphere of corporate travel with its latest integration of Concur Travel. This will potentially reduce the safety and privacy concerns that had previously served as a red flag for business travelers, by providing better control and visibility over the lodgings. With Concur’s online booking tool, Airbnb hopes to include its home-sharing options among the top choices of corporate travel managers.



We’ve heard a lot of news about companies expanding to new markets, from veterans to young startups. As they say, if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying.

Marketing events will help you grow your business and expand. What are you doing to grow your events business?

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