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With audiences being bombarded by information and entertainment at all angles, boosting event engagement has become a high priority for many event planners. After all, what use is that fancy performance, flashy decor and glitzy location if your attendees are face down on their phones?

To get people interested once more with your event, we’ve collected ideas from a few top articles on event engagement this past week. We have everything from disruptive event trends to new event tech to fresh social media ideas that will let you come up with a unique and noticeable event experience.

15 Ideas To Get Your Event Noticed

Increasing event engagement is one of the top goals for event managers this year. In line with that, here are some of the best tricks to expose your brand to more people in effective and sometimes unconventional ways. From creating signature drinks to showing off giant props, these ideas will ensure that your event will not go unnoticed. Not only that, you’re also sure to make this occasion stick in your attendees’ memories for years to come.

This is How Tech Will Shape Events in 2017

Technology has already played a big role in last year’s events, but that doesn’t meant it won’t continue evolving this coming year. The kicker is that not a single piece of technology will be dominating the scene. Instead, there will be different pieces of tech all combined into a coherent experience that will enrapture audiences. This article offers an insight into this through the eyes of tech experts in the field of events.

Disruptive Trends You Should Know About in the Coming Year

Aside from the evolution of tech, there will also be new trends that will forever change the way we approach meetings and events in 2017. The biggest of these event trends is the dominance of convergence. Global connectivity is now a fact, and the coming year will capitalize heavily on this. Meetings will soon lose be less formal, turning more into festivals. Finally, events are banking on something previously considered only as an afterthought — creating a solid overall experience for attendees.

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How to Get Your Brand to Stand Out Online

Getting noticed online is no longer just posting something interesting every now and then. It means leveraging the influencers in your industry and showing proof of your expertise on the things that matter the most to your audience. It also means being authentic, conversing with your audience, and much more. If you want to truly be seen and heard above the crowd, this set of tips will not only make you stand out but also keep you in the limelight indefinitely.

Video Will Be Your Lifeblood This Year

If there’s one thing you should focus on this year, it’s video. Video will be staple the scene, and soon, around three-quarters of the internet will be video. Your peers are in the game too, with 93% of marketers using video for sales, communication, and online marketing. And it’s not just dull old point-and-shoot. There’s livestreaming and 360-degree videos to spice up your video lineup. If you still need any convincing, here is an infographic that will help you determine just how important video will be for your marketing efforts.

Bulletproof Your Social Media with Backups

Cybersecurity isn’t just preventing your accounts from getting hacked. Now, you also want to protect your content from unwanted usage and change, and of course, deletion. The last point emphasizes the importance of a backup plan when it comes to your social data. There’s no saying when the servers housing your content will crash, or when a certain service will go away (goodbye, sweet Vine). Learn you how to make backups of all your important content, so that you can restore them anytime you need them.

Unleash a Better You This 2017

Getting better isn’t always about learning a new technique or using a new tool. Oftentimes, it’s all about going back to the basics and strengthening your foundations. This article gives you different self-improvement hacks that actually work backed by solid science. Learn how to have productive sleep, as well as how to be able to rely on your gut feelings even for important things. Move faster, learn better, be more creative, break the day-to-day habits, and conquer your plans this coming year with these expert tips.

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The Essential Business-Partner Checklist

Partnering up for business can easily open new horizons for you. However, it’s never an easy decision. You have to make sure that your partner matches the business is for the partnership to be productive (and moreover, profitable). Without this, the deal is bound to fail. How do you feel about your partner? Since when have you known him? How well do you sync with each other? Can you walk away from a potentially bad partnership? These considerations can make or break the business. All these questions and more are answered by experts in this quick post.

Getting Your Employees Up to Speed — Literally

Slow workers take a toll not just on productivity, but also on morale. While you want them to go faster, you can’t rely on old-fashioned methods to stir them to work. There’s a process you can follow without being looked at as an horrible boss. It starts with the first step in solving many other issues: getting to the root of the problem. It also cautions you against the use of data to demonstrate just how below par one’s work speed is. Here, you can read up on two case studies that showcase these tips in action.

Being a Better Employee in 2017

Being a better employee does not just rely on delivering stellar results. It is also about learning to work well with colleagues and being able to chart one’s own career path. So what be your focus for improvement this coming year? We have here some important advice from experts in the field, arming you with work improvement strategies that you can use each day, no matter what industry you are in.



On top of fresh ideas, you also need to upgrade yourself and team to meet this year’s challenges. Whether it’s getting a new business partner for a new venture, stepping up your career game, or encouraging others to work better, we all want to show improvements this year. How about you, what will you be improving this year?

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