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Lately, we’ve been diving deeper into the exciting world of hybrid events. Because by now, we’ve all realized that these will make up a significant chunk of our work as an industry. And since topics such as networking and production value have already been discussed, we figured it was time to bring some inspiration to the table. In the form of hybrid event examples you can learn from!

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Reading about things through abstract lenses is all fine and dandy, but what about real life? What about seeing this model being used by actual companies? Yes, we know you’ve been eager for this. So we put our researcher hats on and went on a Sherlockesque spree. The result are these five incredible hybrid event examples that have taken place or will do so in the near future. Each and every one of these conferences will help inspire your planning process and better understand what you can do to cook up a successful hybrid experience. So get your pen and paper and start taking notes!

Webinar World

Let’s kickstart today’s inspiration session with a conference that’s been at it for years. That’s right! Webinar World, the event designed from webinerds to webinerds, has been in the hybrid game for years. The good folks at ON24, the company behind the event, have long realized the importance webinars have in today’s marketing landscape. And now more than ever, learning about all the best-practices involved seems pretty relevant.

In 2020, the in-person portion of Webinar World won’t be taking place. However, the raving success its hybrid iterations boasted in the past is still proof that hybrid works – and so does virtual. All of the exciting keynote sessions and, you guessed it, webinars about strategy and programs are still available at ON24’s website. This conference has pretty much mastered the art of producing engaging experiences for everyone involved, whether they’re physically present or watching from home. There’s no time like the present to learn from the best!

Growth Marketing Conference

Customer lifecycle marketing, B2B2 and enterprise growth, product innovation…these are only some of the things one can expect to find at the Growth Marketing Conference. The self-proclaimed “Silicon Valley’s largest digital and growth marketing conference” brings together thousands of leaders in the industry in a workshop and conference frenzy no marketer wants to miss.

And while this year’s event will be expected to take place in San Francisco in December, there’s still no guarantee that such an enormous gathering will be possible. But staying ahead of the curve and living up to their title as innovators, the people behind the Growth Marketing Conference came up with a solution. Tickets for the in-person portion are already available, but with a kicker: they include a “virtual access pass”. It offers access to 0ver 250 webinars and an exclusive growth marketing community of “industry movers and shakers”.

We mentioned before that offering your virtual attendees extra perks that the in-person audience doesn’t get is a great strategy to get more people to join in and pay for the experience. The Growth Marketing Conference saw the opportunity, and didn’t hesitate to take it! Why not rip off a page from their book?

Apple Special Events

Apple has been at the forefront of innovation and tech trends for years. So it’s no wonder that some of their most anticipated events would somehow push the boundaries of what a conference is supposed to look like. Apple Special Events are an extraordinary time of the year that tech enthusiasts, Apple fans, and competitors alike look forward to. This is when the CEO of the company takes the stage in order to showcase the latest products from the brand. And when you’re a trillion-dollar company,  you bet there’s a lot of folks interested in experiencing your new releases first-hand.

It should then come as no surprise that Apple Special Events have been live-streamed to audiences all across the world pretty much since their inception. The goal here is to reach as many people as possible – which it achieves, with flying colors! And while we don’t advise you to just live-stream every conference and leave it at that, this technique can be extremely successful if you’re launching new products or making important announcements.

Public Health Informatics Conference

hybrid event examples

Who would’ve thought that the American federal government would be behind one of the most successful hybrid meetings ever? Well, that’s exactly what happened back in August 2012, when the Public Health Informatics Conference took place. Adam Arthur, the person tasked with planning an event that would translate seamlessly into a branded virtual conference, is the one to thank, and someone planners everywhere should look to for inspiration.

What included a little over 900 physical attendees and almost 1,000 virtual ones directly resulted from Arthur’s incredible mindset. He realized that the physical aspect had to be handled almost the same way as a television show in terms of production. Speaking to BizBash, at the time, Adam highlighted this aspect. “It was photorealistic, showing the lobbies and everything of the actual hotel where we were. If you wanted to go downstairs, you clicked on the escalator. We even green-screened individuals. There were people literally walking in the lobbies, checking their BlackBerrys. I had several people ask me, ‘Are we really there now?”.

It’s never too late to understand how paramount stellar production is in the world of hybrid events. Head out to our article about elevating the experience to learn more!

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference

The final of our hybrid event examples, Agents of Change, made it its mission to serve “business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs to help them reach more of their ideal customers through search, social, and mobile marketing”. Anyone who’s interested in growing their business online will get a kick out of listening to their podcast or, even better, attending their yearly event, Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference.

Every September, the event brings together hundreds of marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners in Maine in order to discuss all things digital marketing. The best part, though? The entire conference is offered both through live-streaming and on-demand video to anyone who wants to watch from home.

As a matter of fact, if you purchase a digital pass, you have access to all of the educational content offered during the event any time you want through their library. So why not do the same with your hybrid event?


So, how did you like these hybrid event examples? Keep in mind that these are just a handful of ideas you can use! The goal with your hybrid experience is to make it engaging, interesting, and captivating to everyone involved.

If there’s anything else you’d like to read about or have any examples of your own you want us to expand upon, let us know – the Endless team is here to help. Stay tuned for more awesome content about hybrid and virtual events!

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