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To succeed in the events industry, you need to be smart. That not only means book smarts and knowing your metrics but also street smart. You need to know how to get sponsors for an event, give the best customer support, and learn when to keep working and when to relax.

Success in events also means planning well so you can execute better. Here’s our own checklist to help you avoid mistakes, save money, and reduce your overall stress when it comes to event planning.

What Makes C2 Montreal Different?

C2 is an annual event that redefines the concept of business conferences. It’s widely regarded as one of the most influential gatherings in the industry. Attending C2 is no walk in the park, though. In fact, anyone’s first time here can turn out to be overwhelming. There are tons of things to see and a host of activities to try out. Here is C2 in the eyes of the first-time attendee. peppered with tips to make the most of this experience.

Boost Your Exhibitor’s ROI Before and After Events

Aside from making sure the attendees go home with memorable experiences, it’s also important to make sure your exhibitors also get a good ROI. After all, this is what will keep them coming back to sustain your event the next year. Here is a list of the things that will keep event vendors happy.

The 2017 Essential Guide to Event Marketing

If you’re just starting out in event marketing, you’ll need a field guide to learn the basics. Included in this article lists are the different types of events and how to can promote them. It also talks about how to measure data and success rates. There is even a section on how to land the sponsors!

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Do These Meetings to Make Your Event a Hit

Meetings within meetings are becoming very popular. It’s a smart way to create a sense of focus and foster small-group camaraderie within a very large event. But there are also very important pre-meetings that you need to do before to make your event a smashing success. From gathering to locate the right venue and sponsors, to rehearsing the flow of the event, here is a list of 11 different meetings you need to have in order to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Messenger Chatbots to Herald the Future of Support

Alaska Airlines hired Jenn, a simple chatbot, over a decade ago to answer easy questions customers can throw at the airline’s help desk. More recently, Aeromexico hired a bot to do the same. The bot can answer thousands of questions at a time without taking so much as a tea break. One of Facebook Messenger’s chatbots, it’s an example of how the future of customer support will look like. Aeromexico’s chatbot can answer with around 500 types of responses, curated from transcripts of real human conversation. While still in its infancy, this is an important step in using artificial intelligence to make support faster and easier for both the company and customers.

Are You About to be Replaced by an AI?

As the field of artificial intelligence progresses at lightning speed, it’s apparent that some tasks are better performed by AIs than by humans. Unfortunately, this also means some jobs we currently hold will be displaced by AIs in the future. This list contains which jobs are in the danger zone, as well as jobs that won’t be going away anytime soon. Thankfully, event planners are in the latter bracket!

Gaming Meets Event Management: UK eSports Degree

You read that right: UK’s Staffordshire University has launched a degree in eSports. The 3-year course isn’t about increasing your APM, though. It’s actually an event management course in disguise. Second and third-year students will, in fact, start handling commercial events complete with community management and legal matters!

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If You Are An Entrepreneur, Travel Is A Must

Despite cheaper air fares, many entrepreneurs are still not into travel. We are a home-bound people who feel everything will fall apart once we leave our desks. But traveling is a must for the entrepreneurial mind. It inspires, relaxes, and keeps your sanity intact. It also teaches how to communicate better, a crucial part of event entrepreneurship. Travel also lets you take a step back to focus on the big picture, letting you to think about the really important things instead of the nagging details.

Are You Starting Up Workaholism?

Startups, no matter what industry they are in, are very tricky. You have to meet the expectations of your investors as well as realize your own personal vision for the company. Oftentimes, this means hauling yourself and your staff to work inhuman hours just to get everything right. This is hardly ideal, and this culture of workaholism (which some believe the job “demands”) often leads to unhealthy work practices. Here is a colorful description of the evils of workaholism, and how you can avoid them.

Want To Get To Know A Successful Person? Ask Them These 4 Questions

There are several ideas on what makes a person successful, but Oprah Winfrey says it can all be narrowed down to four points. This was the gist of her recent speech at the Skidmore College graduation. It is a demonstration of how introspection can be a great tool for success, even if the majority of people see it as a waste of time. From understanding your inner voice to uncovering your personal truth, read what Oprah has to say about obtaining success.



It takes an insane amount of work to create a successful event but it doesn’t mean the work should drive you insane. With all our talk about avoiding workaholism and taking the time to travel, we want to know your own tricks to making your #eventprof life more stress-free.

What are your tricks to quickly refreshing yourself and releasing stress to help curb the insanity? Comment below please!

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