On this episode of #EventIcons we are live from GO WEST! GO WEST is the largest gathering of event professionals in Western Canada. The event focuses on education, innovation, and networking. Getting everyone connected and building relationships is one of the events main goals.

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Today our iconic guests; Dustin Westling of OneWest Event Design, Brent Taylor of Timewise Event Management Inc., and Arlene Schilke of Timewise Event Management Inc. are joining us to talk all about the 2019 GO WEST. They will cover why they started the event, how they get attendees engaged in their experience hall, the amazing food served and best moments from the event. If you have ever been curious about GO WEST this is a great show to watch! Lets jump in below!

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We are really passionate about what we do and about our industry. @DustinWestling Click To Tweet The nature of our world today is that you have to adapt and figure out a solution along the way. @brentjtaylor Click To Tweet one of the things you need to when you design your Bot is to decide your bot's gender, we decided that we wanted to go with Masculinity. So we came up with the name GABE. @arleneschilke Click To Tweet


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