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Last week I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Al Wynant, the Co-Founder and CEO of Eventinterface. I had a great time hearing about his stories and amazing new software. I really think this software will help event and meeting professionals create a seamless event planning experience!

Al_Wynant_Nov_2013_at_desk_BWAl Wynant has a background in event and meeting planning that goes back 25 years. He has planned events all over Europe and North America including touring and creating his own event planning company, A6.

Al traveled with Up with People as a student/performer for one year. He toured in 23 countries and became a public relations rep and toured around the world again to set-up the concert tours in countries throughout Europe including Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and England. He also set-up concerts in the United States and Canada.

After life on the road, Al continued on with event planning at Up with People becoming an event planner for special events in Tucson, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. He was responsible for the staging and orientation program, the five-week program that would prepare up to 500 new students for their world tour.

Al also helped in planning the logistics for World Youth Day and other events.

After his career in tour planning, Al started his own event and meeting planning company A6. During his time at A6 he grew the company to a highly successful event and meeting planning company, which serviced events in New York, Atlanta, North Carolina and Arizona. At A6, Al served clientele such as Sony, Wells Fargo, Up with People, AHS, and NAISA.

Al came up with the idea for Eventinterface during his time at A6. While planning events at A6 Al searched for software to help with planning. However, he couldn’t find what he was searching for. All software seemed to complete just one part of the event planning puzzle and did not integrate well with other products and software, and none of the options were cost-effective.Eventinterface_Planner_Dashboard_ZoomAfter the frustrating search for an easy to use, simple solution event software Eventinterface was born. Al with his co-founder Rod Bridges began building the software in-house to use within the company for their own staff. Shortly after creating Eventinterface Al got a call from an international entertainment client. They were impressed with the new software and wanted to begin using it for their own events.

Eventually with momentum gaining for Eventinterface Al closed his event planning company, A6 in 2010. He took the better part of the next 3 years to take the software and develop it to a perfect event and meeting planning solution. Eventinterface launched in December 2013.

Eventinterface solves many problems for event and meeting planners. The software puts everything an event and meeting planner needs into one seamless software. Eventinterface streamlines the planning process and will save event planners 20-30% in planning time. This huge amount of time saved will allow so many busy event and meeting planners to simplify their lives!

On top of the massive amounts of time planners will save using Eventinterface, the software will also allow event and meeting planners to generate more revenue. Planners can collect all presentations from speakers, PowerPoint presentations, videos, sound recordings, etc. at their events. They can then make the data available not only to attendees but to people who were unable to physically attend the conference at their own price point. This allows event planners to make even more money from a conference!It is not only for event and meeting planners however; Eventinterface helps improve event attendees’ experiences as well. With Eventinterface attendees no longer have to call to get help, they can go online and help themselves. This eliminates a lot of frustration for customers and again saves time for event planners dealing with any issues attendees may have.

Eventinterface also allows attendees to network with each other. Attendees can see who else will be attending an event, they can also communicate with other attendees before, after- and during the event. There are also features to message sponsors, chat, forums and more to allow for everyone to start discussions. The best part? Communications via Eventinterface are visible to registered attendees only.

While there are a few event planning software products, we think Eventinterface takes the cake. With their cost-effective and unique subscription-based pricing structure based on how many events you have, unlimited transactions per event and unique features we believe that Eventinterface will be exactly what you need to streamline your event and meeting planning process while saving time and generating more revenue for your events and meetings.

If you are looking for an event and meeting planning software, look no further. To make this software even sweeter Al has hooked up all the readers of our blog with a special pricing discount. For our special Endless Entertainment pricing please email, [email protected]. For more information and Eventinterface demo, visit

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