Are you thinking beyond the surface of event sponsorship? Sure almost every event requires sponsorship but long gone are the days that it is enough to just plaster up a few banners from your sponsors and call it good. Now more than ever before event sponsors need to enhance your event and your attendee’s experience, and planners need to be able to highlight the benefits that your event can bring to potential event sponsors. You should have a mutually beneficial partnership with your sponsors.

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In this episode, Peter Poehle returns to offer his annual update on the status of event sponsorship. He will answer questions about what sponsors truly need, mistakes planners make in proposals, inbound sponsorship and so much more. Always useful, always interesting, this is a don’t miss episode!


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It is very difficult to measure the success of sponsorship directly. I believe that you should try to really build this long-lasting relationship with your leads that you generate during your show to make the most out of your event… Click To Tweet The key for me for a good sponsorship activation is to create added value @peterpoehle Click To Tweet If you want sponsors, make a move, go where they are @peterpoehle Click To Tweet

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