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Creating event marketing plan can often be an overwhelming experience. What marketing tactics still work and what do we need to change to keep our strategies effective? How can we sell event marketing to management? And most importantly: how can I get my marketing to work without breaking my budget?

We help you answer these questions and more in today’s roundup of articles. We do this every week so if you want to stay ahead and informed about the latest event marketing news, subscribe to our blog!

How’s Your Event Planning Salary?

Have you ever wondered how much other event planners are earning? Or how your paycheck is measuring up? Trends suggest that an increase is on the horizon for 2018. While the average salaries may vary considerably depending on your location and skill set, the average event planner can earn way above $60,000 a year! If you’re earning way below that, then maybe you need to take steps to expand your purse. Wherever you are on the spectrum, however, this guide has everything you need to get a much needed financial advantage in the industry.

Dining Ideas for a Thoughtful Dinner

Do you notice how dining arrangements in events tend to be pretty same-old-same-old? But what if it was possible for your dining setups to promote not only great conversation, but also deep thought? These pictures show how other planners have taken advantage of this innovative idea. There are newspaper boats suspended on strings, a chicken wire statue of an elephant floating above the table, and even a glowing scarab triptych on the wall! Steal some of these ideas to add a great dimension to your next event that is sure to get your guests buzzing.

Take Your Event Marketing to the Next Level

As all #eventprofs know, event marketing efforts can only be as good as the plan behind it. That’s why it’s important to get the basics right if you want your event to fly. This includes creating a killer site, developing great content, connecting to audiences through email and social media, and making sure that your campaign highlights the value of the event. In this day and age, a one-size fits all approach just won’t cut it. You need to tailor your messages depending on the people you are targeting. This way, you can get them on your bandwagon and you can start crunching the numbers to your event success!

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Lining up Your Event and Marketing Goals

Event strategies are often siloed from the bigger marketing strategies of a company. However, these two should go hand in hand in order to spark opportunities for the organization. You need to be able to design the attendee experience around their locale and their needs, in order to drive interaction and possibly convert them. You should also have plans that take into account your marketing KPIs. Upsells, one-on-one meetings, and other strategies are also helpful in giving your company an opportunity to break the mold and establish new trends.

How about a No-Tech Event?

A vast majority of events now focused on creating digital experiences for their attendees that tie in seamlessly with social media and other platforms. However, locking up the tech during the event could also help foster a deeper and more meaningful connection among your audience. While it isn’t going to be easy, the idea of a “digital detox” it is a timely concept that experts suggest could spur growth and innovative thinking. In fact, some venues like hotels have also taken up the idea, with Wyndham Grand’s Reconnected program at the fore. Guests are given a timed lockbox where they could keep their digital items to help with the detox. Properly incentivized and with good activities to fill in the gap, a digital detox could be a great success.

Looking Back on the Best Blog Posts of 2017

While we’re discussing the trends of the future, it’s also important to look at the lessons of the past to get our footing in the present. This list gathers the best of the best events-related blog posts from last year, from Trump’s impact on the events industry to the persistent issue of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in trade shows. The list covers perennial topics that remain as true today as when they were first written.


Create a Conducive Learning Environment for Your Events

Learning never stops, especially during your meetings and events. While many attend such gatherings with a specific goal of learning from it, as event professionals we still need to create an environment suited for gaining knowledge. Learning is pretty much the same at the very basic levels, despite surface differences. This means it’s possible to create a one-size-fits-all learning environment for everyone! From ingraining it in the attendee’s journey to using lull times and mundane objects to inspire it, this guide contains a list of the best ways to make your event learning-conducive.

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Get the Word Out About Your Events for Free!

Advertising your business almost always means shelling out money for ads, but that shouldn’t always be the case. What if you could do it for free? Using SEO, techniques such as guest posting, Q&A platforms such as Quora, email and social media, and many other techniques, it’s possible to grow a core following without breaking the bank! Learn all of these techniques here and roll up your sleeves to prepare for business success!


Build Habits through Your Phone

While technology can be a distraction at times, it’s now also a permanent fixture in our lives. What if I tell you that you could easily turn this omnipresence into something that builds not only productivity but also better habits? According to Harvard Business Review, our mobile phones are the perfect platforms for setting triggers that could help us build routines and reap rewards. A sampling of apps and systems from the famous Seinfeld Calendar to integration systems like IFTTT and Zapier could all be used to build great habits geared towards success.

Cowork without Worries via KettleSpace

As event planners, travel is a necessity. That means we often miss the comforts of our own offices and workspaces. We’re looking for something that’s not only comfortable but also safe with all the right bells and whistles. Thankfully, KettleSpace exists to take care of this. The unique thing about them is that all the spaces are actually inside restaurants. This means all your usual amenities are taken cared of: great food, nice ambiance, and even clean restrooms. And yes, you can indeed have dinner there after work!



Coworking seems to be something every event professional does. We work in lounges, bars, restaurants, coffee places, airports and more! How about you, what’s your experience when it comes to coworking? What do you like about it and what do you hate with a burning passion?

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