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Quick question: What’s one of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends and ideas? That’s right – by reading insights shared by industry experts on their blogs, of course! After all, event industry blogs are accessible, provide information about events from around the globe, and cover every aspect of event planning. You can find bigger and better ways to deploy events, the latest in event tech, and follow where other event profs’ careers are taking them. But, most of all, you can find the answers to your burning questions, so that your life as an event prof becomes easier.

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Rest assured, whatever it is you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered. We’re bringing you 40 of the best event industry blogs from across the globe. You’ll find this list separated into categories to help you quickly identify what might be of most interest to you. But, please keep in mind that no blog is restricted solely to that category – it just represents one of the main focuses.

The Best General Event Industry Blogs

1. Endless Events

Please excuse us for a moment, while we toot our own horn, but we are very proud of our blog. The Endless Events blog provides comprehensive articles with the latest tips, tricks, and trends for event planners to create more epic events with a focus on technical production, event management, and more.

You’ll find helpful info on a range of topics from staging inspiration to real-world assistance in the event planning process. You’ll also be able to check out Whiteboard Wednesday where you can take a deep dive into an AV topic with our very own Chief Event Einstien, Will Curran, and our three podcasts: #EventIcons, Event Tech Podcast, and Event Brew.

2. Bizzabo

You might be aware that Bizzabo provides event management software, but they are also committed to sharing advice and inspiration for event planners everywhere. Bizzabo’s list-style posts about event management, marketing, and engagement are enhanced by monthly interviews with event profs who are breaking the mold. If you’re looking for some new event industry blogs to call your favorites, this one is a must.

3. Bizbash

We recommend you check out Bizbash for event planning news, trends, inspiration, and venue discovery. You can even search for news in your area by selecting where you are in the USA or Canada.

We love that they place a spotlight on recent events and what organizers did well, helping event profs everywhere find inspiration for improving their own events. It’s great that so many event industry blogs now have podcasts too. In this case, it’s the GatherGeeks podcast.

4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a global platform providing online event registration solutions to event organizers, but their blog is jam-packed with fast reads on the general subjects of event planning, promotion, and technology. It proves particularly valuable for those in event planning for music and non-profit industries, thanks to their industry-specific blog categories. Check it out for how-tos and guides, but also some insights into the life of being an event planner.

5. Socialtables

The Socialtables blog contains event tips and trends with a lean towards the hospitality industry. After all, their leading software platform was the result of their goal to bring about better collaboration between planners and properties!

A great selection of guest posts dominates this blog, and they also provide a host of additional resources in the form of guides and webinars. Their reads are always packed with helpful stats to support their main points.

6. The MICE Blog

Event professional turned full-time blogger Irina Graf has created an event industry networking and destination-focused blog with an international view. Search within blog categories like education, sustainability, and team building. Alternatively, you can check out her opinion pieces for something different. Speaking of opinion, here’s a great article on sustainably supporting local communities, while creating authentic experiences for event-goers.

7. Event Leadership Institute

ELI’s “Event Leaders Blog” is packed with education, training, and insights for event professionals. Business, event management, venues, and destinations are just a few of the categories you can explore.

We love their focus on careers and education development. In fact, we suggest checking out the “Your Story” blog series if you like to see how the careers of other event profs are evolving.

8. The Production Channel

Do you like to consume your content in a variety of ways? This one’s for you. As the name indicates, this is a production blog, podcast, and resource for the in-person events industry. It caters to those already working in it, and those interested in getting into the business.

The variety of topics covered is truly one to marvel at – from planning your event just right, to the practicality of being a freelancer in the events industry.

9. Freeman

Freeman are brand experience architects, so their blog naturally contains news and trends in brand experience. Each collection within their event industry blog has an overarching theme to ensure you can stay up to date on what’s trending and most relevant to your industry. 

What stands out is their focus on leadership and building relationships – whether with your audience or sponsors.

10. Connect Association

Connect are dedicated to providing content that helps you reimagine today’s meetings and look into the future. You can check out their blog, videos, how-to’s, as well as food and beverage highlights.

There are plenty of insights into venues and how to improve meetings, but we want to give a shout-out to Connect for their continued insights into the ever-important topic of event safety. Whether it’s the #MeToo movement, crisis management, or what event managers can do about human trafficking, we’re pleased to see that safety and security are a priority.

11. Cvent

Cvent provides event management software as a service, so it’s no surprise that their blog is worth a look. You’ll find the blog divided into three sections: event, hospitality, and industry.

Here, you’ll find fun ideas, like different ways to use photo walls and practical articles on event budgets and ROI. But, something we really appreciate is their insights into the human side of event planning. Like, what to do with leftover event food and how to give back as a company.

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Event Industry Blogs About Event Technology

12. Corbin Ball’s TechTalk

Corbin Ball is an international speaker, consultant, and writer dedicated to helping clients use technology more efficiently for improved productivity. What does that mean for you? Well, this influential event prof will share insights to help you incorporate mobile technology, augmented reality, facial recognition, chatbots, and more for better events to engage your attendees.

13. The Meeting Pool

Looking for more event industry blogs with a focus on tech? This one’s for you. The Meeting Pool is the place to be for event professionals who love to discuss technology. They’re all for ditching the “death by PowerPoint” sessions and more about reaching the legion of early adopters (that are meeting professionals) with education on using tech more efficiently and effectively.

With a big tech focus, you’ll find plenty of reads on social media and apps, among more general event industry news. Start with the blog, then look deeper into topics with their collection of white papers, infographics, and eBooks.

14. Techsytalk

Since 2011, influential event planner, Liz King, has been using Techsytalk as her platform to help event profs integrate technology into their events for even better attendee engagement. The site is a little difficult to navigate, but it’s worth bearing with it and diving into the blog categories to explore.

The blog features the techsytalk unscripted podcast which are interviews with event profs, but it’s recently started moving in a new direction with a series of mini-podcast episodes, just a few minutes long.

15. Event Tech Brief

This blog is “information for building events of the future” and is run by Michelle Bruno – tech journalist and content strategist for tech companies in the live-events industry. It’s an independent resource meaning it’s a “no-spin zone” for event profs to find neutral information about using tech in events. Check it out for tips on deploying chatbots and apps right through to understanding how to use event data.

16. MeetingPlay

The MeetingPlay blog is an exploration of event technology – perfectly fitting for an event app company! So, if you’re looking for tips on event engagement through the use of tech, or how to incorporate event gamification, then this is a great place to start.

Suggested reading: As an AV company ourselves, we love this article on Questions to Ask Before Using New Event Tech.

17. G2Planet

G2Planet is an event management software company whose priority is to help others create data-driven events. On their blog, you’ll find great insights into digital marketing and experiential marketing for corporate events, as well as trade show presentations. Their Event Experts Interview series is also worth a look.

18. CDM

Do you love the tech aspects of events? Are you looking for inspiration in unlikely places? Then you must check out CDM for their stories on live visuals, creative ways to make music, the latest in app news and more.

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News-Focused Event Industry Blogs

19. Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Who better to turn to for helpful insights into industry news and event trends, than the largest global meeting and event industry association? You’ll find the full-scale of event-related topics covered here. A few that caught our eye include event grants, new event venue options and coping with travel bans. The blog features industry members and provides easy-to-digest venue highlights right through to the heavy-hitting issues for event planners today.

20. Skift

Travel industry news is vital for event planners, whether it’s you doing the traveling, or it’s your attendees traveling to your events. On this blog, you’ll find a great intersection of news about meetings, corporate travel, and venues. Loving their blog? You can even sign up for their Meetings Innovation Report – the weekly newsletter about the future of meetings and conventions.

21. Event Industry News

@EventNewsBlog features venue spotlights, an entire guest blog section and comprehensive coverage of news in the event industry ranging from touring and exhibition news through to recruitment and jobs. You can find award-winning venues, discover the new tech solutions being released and gain insight into the performance of the meetings industry.

With a UK focus, this is the ideal read if you are based there or like to stay abreast of the global events industry.

22. Kongres Magazine

This is the Central and Southeast Europe Meetings Industry Magazine blog but has plenty of articles about events taking place across the globe. So this is one of the event industry blogs perfect for those who like to look abroad for some fresh inspiration.

Find out the top cities for hosting international events, or check out the “Who is Who” interviews to learn more about others working in the events industry.

Event Industry Blogs For Meetings & Conferences

23. Smart Meetings

This is another of our favorite event industry blogs. Follow them for articles on corporate event planning, to check out destinations, news, and other tips and tricks.

Suggested reading: We think every event planner has probably (and unfortunately) had an event sprung on them at the last minute. So, here’s how to deal with it with 3 Tips for Pulling Off an Eleventh-Hour Event.

24. Conferences That Work

Conferences That Work is the creation of conference design and facilitation legend Adrian Segar. His blog is a deep dive into conference engagement and the fundamentals of successful networking like comfort, interaction, and the exchange of ideas. But, he mixes it up with some non-event-related posts too, and has an enjoyable conversational writing style.

25. Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

The Midcourse Corrections blog is one of the most popular event industry blogs that focus on annual meetings and conferences. Penned mostly by Jeff Hurt, their in-house expert in Conference Experience Design, you know you’re going to get insightful tips. This blog is ideal for those wanting to dive below the surface of conference planning and create richer networking and educational experiences for attendees.

26. Meetingsnet

If you’re looking for event industry blogs that cover niche meeting categories, then we suggest following Meetingsnet. You’ll find information for: association conventions and expos, corporate meetings and events, and medical and pharma meetings.

Start with the “Meeting Planning Toolbox” for an enormous collection of how-to articles on meeting planning. And, you’ll also find incredible insights into the more sinister side of meetings – like sexual harassment and what to do about it (#MeetingsToo).

27. International Meetings Review

Are you looking for insights, news and global trends to improve your event planning business? Then this one is a must. In fact, this is one of few event industry blogs that lets you select your regional focus to find the breaking news and top stories most relevant to your interests.


Creators of Q&A and polling platform also share ways to improve audience interaction on their helpful blog, “where meeting design meets technology” – a front-of-mind concern for most event planners today.

You can find tips on creating more engaging team sessions, learn about responding well to employee feedback and how to host better Q&A sessions. The articles are easy to read, with specific examples designed to demonstrate how you can implement the tips at your events.

29. PCMA Convene

Convene provides meetings industry content for education and professional development. This is one of the event industry blogs that stands out for comprehensive and insightful articles. We love they don’t just brush over the topic but dive right into it. Check them out for some real-world examples of fantastic things meeting planners are trying all over the globe. Like this one.

Event Industry Blogs On Wellbeing & The Event Planner’s Life

30. Plan It On A Post-It

This is a personal blog by Naomi Tucker, CMP. If you’re looking for a break from event industry news or the focus on always creating a bigger, better event, then check it out – this is more about creating a better life within the industry.

Discover tips on health, freedom, productivity, work-life balance, and a smattering of reads on event tech solutions. There is also a good selection of posts about being a better leader in the event world.

event industry blogs

Event Industry Blogs About Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and Brand Activation

31. Tigris Events

Event staffing and experiential marketing agency, Tigris Events has a lot to offer on their blog in terms of tips for better brand awareness and managing event staffing – particularly for trade shows. This is a really easy-to-read blog with real-world examples that usually focus on events they are currently planning for their clients.

32. Event Marketer

Event Marketer was founded in 2002 to meet the information needs of event marketers and agency executives for all events that rely on face-to-face marketing. Follow their articles on technology, B2B events, and B2C events to see what others are doing right and how you can take inspiration for your own event.

33. Campaignlive

At first glance, you might not think Campaign has much to do with event planning. But, take a moment to look a little deeper, and you’ll see they shine a light on creative technology solutions and marketing strategy – both key to holding successful events today. In other words, they are all about putting creative excellence in a business context.

Our recommendation? Check out the Opinion category for some insights from industry thought leaders, as well as brand inspiration.

34. UFI Blog

This is the blog of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, so fittingly shares the voices of exhibition industry professionals from around the globe. Out of all the event industry blogs out there, this one is our go-to resource for news, trends and helpful advice on planning exhibitions. UFI Blog is comprehensive, covering marketing, operations and services, digital innovation, human resources and sustainable development.

35. Skyline Trade Show Tips

Skyline provides trade show and event exhibit systems, so are the ones to follow for helpful advice on planning trade shows. Be sure to check out their tips and trends, budgeting, planning and logistics resources! There’s a wealth of trade show knowledge right here.

Event Industry Blogs About Hiring Processes

36. Lasso

Lasso is a workflow management system for mobile event crews. On their blog, you’ll find event inspiration and helpful tips to make your operations run more smoothly. But most importantly, you can read articles about event labor. You’ll find out how event production companies charge for labor, insights into staff scheduling solutions or employee classification rules. There are some infographics nestled in there too.

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Event Industry Blogs For Beginner Planners

37. Event Planning Blueprint

This blog helps event planners achieve greater results in their business. It has a particular focus on those just getting started in the event industry, so they too can find success. Explore how to communicate more confidently with clients, choose your event niche, or make sure your event planning contracts are where they need to be. This is our blog recommendation for event planners just starting out, but also for those who’d like to reconnect with some of the core elements of their business.

Thanks for sticking with us through our mega list of outstanding event industry blogs. We hope you’ve found a few more to add to your RSS feed. Happy reading!

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