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Sometimes your mind draws a blank when thinking up entertainment ideas for corporate events. After all, these guys are used to lavish and extraordinary spectacles that leave them awestruck until the next day.

Thankfully, technology is here to save the day. How about sharing some mixed reality with your guests, teleporting them instantly to weird and wonderful locations? Or how about getting people to take 360-degree selfies? Or maybe adding some competition into your event will spark some life into the leaders in the crowd?

How Events Managers Can Make the Most of Mixed Reality

There are a lot of ways to take advantage of mixed reality gear to make events more interesting and accessible to attendees. Imagine allowing remote attendance, where visitors can virtually pop in and speak with booth personnel stationed in one venue. You can take learning up a notch through simulations. Display boards, cool photo ops, and holographic computers are just some of the things you can explore with mixed reality at your next event.

Veteran Show Caller Judie Kavanagh Talks About Work-Life Balance

Meet Judie Kavanagh, an experienced show caller for both theater and corporate events. There’s a lot you can learn from her story of being a stage manager from her early teen years and even up until the moment she turned to corporate events after a long period in the theater industry. She shows how you can be both an active member of the events scene while still balancing the delicate matters of family, proving that work-life balance is attainable for any event manager.

Serious Events Can Be Fun Too

Sometimes you need to spice things up at your next event to have people coming back next year. Fortunately, there are lots of ideas for you to choose from. From hiring fun entertainers for a program, mixologists for a bar, or even quirky staff all the way to adding themes, contests, and even the classic photo booth, you can turn even the most serious event into a fun one.

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What You Can Learn from the Fyre Festival Disaster

Everyone’s heard of the recent disaster that took place in the infamous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. Long story short, a whole lot of people ended up stranded on the island, where the accommodations for the event weren’t even all that luxurious as they claimed. The failure these organizers displayed serve as a warning for anyone planning to host an event soon that huge events are not meant to be handled by beginners.

Measuring Your Instagram Hashtag Performance

Hashtags play a vital role for any campaign that includes Instagram posts, particularly hashtags. Some tools like Command, Sprout Social, and Simply Measured allow you to see reports on how well your Instagram feeds are doing, including your hashtags. Other tools like the popular Iconosquare let you manage campaigns and schedule posts while maintaining engagement with commenters and fans.

A Beginner’s Guide to Designing With Canva

Canva is a beautiful online tool that can help you create great visuals to complement your content. Here, you can craft amazing posters, slideshows, and even business cards right after coming up with a content marketing strategy. Canva offers templates, icons, and even filters to help you create a killer campaign with amazing aesthetics.

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Tech Innovations To Watch Out For This Year

The future is coming as we see all sorts of amazing breakthrough inventions coming our way. From surgical procedures that can reverse the effects of spinal injury to self-driving trucks and all the way to 360-degree selfie, science and technology are pushing the boundaries of what we know and how we do things. Where are things going from here? We can only guess as these breakthroughs slowly become mainstream and accessible for everybody.

Every Genuine Person Has These Habits

There’s been studies that relate levels of emotional intelligence to how genuine someone is. It turns out that genuine people all share a bunch of traits everyone should learn from and strive to have themselves. From being confident in who they are to being open-minded enough to accept those who think differently from them, genuine people don’t go around making fake connections with everyone. They are who they are, and they inspire everyone to be different by being themselves.

Does Work-Life Balance Really Exist?

For this author, it doesn’t. Instead, he puts forward the notion that we instead have work-life rhythms: busy seasons, not-so busy seasons, and everything in between. You can’t schedule everything in your work life and outside-of-work life. But people can always get to know these rhythms in their lives and keep on keeping on with their work. Eventually it’ll pay off.



We all know a life of event planning is often all-consuming. Sometimes we forget that yes, we do have other priorities outside of work. The challenge is making time for those priorities. So we ask you: what are you doing to ensure that you set aside time for those important, non-work aspects of your life.

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