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Einsteins’ Favorites: 7 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein, 5 Reasons Why Your Meeting Is Boring, and How Your Brain Processes Logos

It’s that time of the week for some Einsteins’ Favorites; on Fridays we like to share 3 of our favorite articles we encountered throughout the week with topics ranging anywhere from life hacks to event trends! This week we have 7 Life Lessons from Einstein, himself, 5 Tips on How Your Meeting May Be Boring, and The Connection Between Your Brain and Logos, enjoy!

7-Practical-Life-Lessons-From-Albert-Einstein7 Practical Life Lessons From Albert Einstein

“Every so often, there comes a man who is able to see the universe in a new way, whose vision upsets the very foundations of the world as we know it.” In this inspirational article from Lifehack, we explore 7 different quotes from Albert Einstein and how they can relate to 7 life-lessons that can help us on our journey in striving for personal fulfillment and success; we highly recommend you read it!


5 Ways Your Meeting Is Boring5 Ways Your Meeting Is Boring

Ever wonder if your meetings or conferences bore your attendees? If so, Ryan Begelman was just recently featured on BizBash where he provides 5 thought-provoking tips on how your meeting or conference may be doing just that.



How Your Brain Processes LogosHow Your Brain Processes Logos [Infographic]

There is a curious relationship between logos and your brain… Hubspot blogger, Lindsay Kolowich, wants to share with you how it may not be your fault if you get hungry upon seeing a McDonald’s sign; and more lessons, of course!



Be sure to tune in every Friday for Einsteins’ Favorites!


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