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If you haven’t made event video production a cornerstone of your strategy yet, it’s high time you should. Video is taking over the world and to rise above the rest, you need to have a video content strategy in place.

But creating quality videos is a full-time endeavor in itself so it’s best not to leave any footage to waste. So repurpose videos into anything from blog content to ads. And if you want to be extremely effective with video, we’ll teach you how to make your event AV foolproof.

Here are UK’s Top 20 Companies in the Events Industry

Last July 4, C&IT released its list of the top 20 agencies in UK’s events industry, based on their turnovers. For the year, Jack Morton Worldwide has maintained its top spot, with a whopping 79% turnover. Rounding up the top 5 are Banks Sadler, CWT Meetings & Events, Capita Travel and Events, and Ashfield Meetings & Events. All these are ranked based on the agencies’ most recent financial years.

How the iPhone Changed the Face of Events

The iPhone recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The world had to catch up with iPhone’s rate of progress, and that does not exclude events. Speakers had to work harder to make sure crowds weren’t distracted by the new-fangled gadget. The phone made cameras ubiquitous by not just adding one to every phone, but also making it easier to use. The iPhone also introduced the concept of event websites that were mobile-friendly. And of course, it’s been instrumental in breaking barriers and making the world of meetings and conventions more inclusive for all.

Steal These Beacon Technology Ideas

Beacons are just some of those things that can make an attendee’s stay in an event more awesome. Imagine having him walk to the events hall, and know immediately when and where the next presentation will be via a push-notification. But aside from providing valuable info, beacons can also be used in a variety of unique ways. For example, it was used to manage crowd flow in San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium by letting people know where the shortest wait times are. Romania’s Electric Castle music fest also used beacons to orchestrate a 100-acre treasure hunt. The technology is so versatile, you can tweak any of these ideas to your heart’s content!

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Make Live Polling Apps Work For You

Live polling apps are the norm in events nowadays. Most organizers use it to interact with attendees on a personal level. However, these apps aren’t just useful during the event itself. Put them to work both before and after the event as well. You can not only keep users engaged in the middle of the event, you can also use it to survey their preferences and analyze their feedback. This gives you a way to better tailor your event for your attendees so people leave satisfied and maybe even craving for more!

Building an Effective Video Content Strategy

Having a great video strategy can make or break your event. There are a lot of factors to take into account, from the hardware and software to the connectivity and sharing opportunities you can make available. You have to know how to make the content, and you have to know what you want to do with it. To do this, you need to understand your event’s goals and align your strategy to it. You also need to know how the content you make can drive engagement. Timing is also crucial as video is, after all, a time-sensitive medium.

Discover the Value of Repurposing Videos

Speaking of videos, any event professional would know that they take considerable time and money to create. How can you make the most of a video after it’s made? The answer is simple: repurpose it! A single video can be used to create various kinds of content, depending on your business. It can be used to create a series, or a podcast. It can also be used as blog content, or as a means to attract viewers to your social media page.

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Is Facebook Messenger Replacing Email?

There are more than 1.2 billion monthly users of Facebook Messenger. That staggering number alone makes it a very potent communication tool. But is it really starting to replace good old email in terms of marketing? HubSpot did an experiment to find out. According to them, Messenger beats Email in terms of both Open and Click rates. It’s also a more effective tool in eliciting attendee participation, while also drastically decreasing the cost per lead (477%!) when used as a replacement for email forms. While only time will tell whether it’s really a viable alternative, Messenger seems to be gaining ground if these numbers are any indication.

Basecamps’ 40-Hour Workweek CEO

Jason Fried is the founder and CEO of project management platform Basecamp. Despite this, he only works 40-hours a week, which is lower than the average working American’s 47! That’s not all. He’s also advocating that this should be the norm for everyone. Aside from helping fight the culture of “busy” and encouraging a better work-life balance, Fried believes that making everything go faster by working long hours doesn’t really make anything better. Instead, it’s careful planning and effective execution that counts.

Take Your Team Out

While wellness programs are becoming a hit with HR people, the most effective ones don’t seem to be getting enough attention. Yes, yoga classes are great. But giving employees access to a green space is even better. This not only reduces stress and enhance well-being, it can also act as a boost for one’s innovative potential. Maybe more of nature is just what your team needs in order to help them perform better.

The Successful Man’s Morning Discipline

While not everyone can be a millionaire, everyone can strive to adapt a millionaire habit. Oftentimes, this is a great way to speed you up on your own road to success, by building discipline and a solid daily foundation. Take for example Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Every morning, he exercises and disconnects from the all-consuming tech around him. He does this to have some quality breakfast with his wife, and to clear his head for some goal setting. This is just a fraction of an effective morning routine one could have to inspire success throughout the rest of the day.


We mentioned a few mobile technologies in this article from beacons to Messenger to the one that started it all: the iPhone. How about you, what mobile technology is a must-have in your events? Let us know in the comments below.

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