There are a lot of questions surrounding e-gaming events. Is it an event trend? What is e-gaming? How does it tie into events? Is there a difference between e-gaming and video games? E-gaming events are an emerging segment of events that you are going to want to know about, and you are in the right place to learn!

In this episode of #EventIcons our guests Kim Meltzer of KidKesty Productions, Inc, Donny Neufuss of PRG,  and Joe English of Event Futurist weigh in on e-gaming events. They will explain exactly what e-gaming is. How planning an e-gaming event compares to planning a traditional event like a conference, the vibrant communities that exist in the e-gaming events world and so much more! They will also discuss best business opportunities for this emerging segment and the numbers and statistics every event planner needs to know about e-gaming events! You really don’t want to miss this informative episode!

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