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As the end of the year draws near, everyone is trying to one-up each other when it comes to corporate event and meeting themes. How can you make an event popular as well as personal? What event decor and design will be the talk of the town while still giving good ROI? Which theme will make both sponsors and event-goers happy?

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When you feel like all of your ideas are taken, we’re here to rescue you with a few themes that will give you the brain spark you need. With that, we’ve also sprinkled in some ideas for seating people, choosing new event tech, and promoting your event.

Despite High Costs, Events Are Still the Best Marketing

The costs for events continue to rise, but that doesn’t negate the fact that these are still the prime vehicle when it comes to brand promotion. This is from a Harvard Business Review study through a survey of more than 700 executives. But it’s not just any kind of event. Single-day events continue to be the most popular type which around half of some companies’ marketing budgets. The research also opens up a few opportunities for event professionals, like improving attendee tracking measures for corporate events.

How to Make Your Meeting Theme Memorable

Conferences can feature a wide range of themes, but it’s so easy to get lost with your own ideas that may or may not even become a reality. This is why the first rule for making memorable meeting themes is to pick one that you can execute. A theme must be convincing and immersive, and not just something that hovers awkwardly in the background. And yes, details matter. You could even repurpose something common and get away with it, if you can present it in a convincing way.

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How Do You Seat People at Lunchtime?

Planning seating arrangements for meals seems like a no-brainer to many event professionals. But don’t let schedules override serendipity. Meals are an opportunity for talk and networking, so you should work to make seating arrangements a venue where people can really get to know each other well. Don’t put any distractions, and make the place comfortable enough that people want to stay for just a few more minutes to talk. The shape of the table also matters to get some great conversation flowing.


Better Tech for Better Engagement at Business Events

Event tech has made life much easier for attendees. Various platforms help participants meet each other. Others help them get past long lines through stored data. There are also tech geared towards ensuring attendee security, while others are used for tracking. Others see this as a privacy risk though, especially when the wrong people gain access to your data. For the industry at large however, the myriad of developments is an investment that’s paying off as it helps close the gap between attendees and the companies behind the events.

When You’re Just Too Famous and Your Event Is Oversold

While runaway fame is something every event professional aspires for, it’s not always fun. For one, oversold events present a lot of logistic difficulties. Not to mention, there will be a lot of unhappy campers who can’t get in. If this happens, this guide lists a few things that you can do to appease those who were bumped off the list. These range from discounts to future events, extra giveaways, and a personalized apology that ought to dampen some of the hard feelings. More importantly, your team should find ways to prevent overselling your event in the future.

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Every event professional wants to be in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to attendance. Not too few that it makes the event look empty and boring, but not too many that it strains the logistics capability of your team and venue.

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