There are a few common mistakes event professionals are making that are noticing happening within the events industry. Avoid making these top 4 common mistakes event professionals are making by following our tips below.

1. Putting on the Same Event Year After Year

Falling into an event rut by putting on the same event year after year is a common mistake event professionals are making. Recurring events don’t have to be the same each year. If you keep everything the same you will be guaranteed boring events. Just because it is easy to do the same thing over and over doesn’t mean you should. Each year you want your attendees to be excited to come to your next event. The only way to build anticipation with attendees is to spice up your event each year, this isn’t as hard as you think.

You can change-up your annual event by adding a new element to your event. By having something new each year guests will have something to look forward to. There are many ways you can add a new exciting element perhaps you could add a new speaker, our host an after party, or have a celebrity appearance. The possibilities are endless on how you could add excitement and make your event interesting every year.

2. Inconsistency in Promoting Your Event

We see a lot of inconsistency in branding, design and websites when promoting events. With all the avenues you can take to promote an event it is no surprise consistency can be lacking throughout all your promotional channels. This is a common mistake event professionals are making, but you do not have to make it!!

If you are not strong in graphic design, website design, or branding hire a professional graphic designer to help you create a logo, event colors, website and designs for your event promotional materials. This way no matter where you are promoting your event you will have a consistent professional look across the board.

Make sure to not only keep the design consistent but the information you post about the event as well. Be sure that the correct information is everywhere from social media, to your event website and more. Make every piece of information easy to find so there will be no confusion.

3. Not Having WiFi At Your Event

This common mistake event professionals make is a huge one. Many event professionals are forgetting to check to see if the venue they have selected has WiFi. A lot of event professionals assume in today’s world all venues come with WiFi, but this is not the case.

More than ever social media plays a very important role in events. Attendees want to tweet, share photos from your event, and instantly connect and network with who they meet. Having WiFi is a must and a great way to add a new layer of engagement allowing everyone in attendance to be part of a larger conversation.

4.  Waiting Too Long To Plan Your Event

A common mistake event professionals are making is waiting too long to plan out events. By underestimating the time needed you may find yourself with a lackluster event trying to cut corners and save time. When you a planning an event do not wait until the last-minute. It takes a lot of time to put all of the elements and variables of your event together. There are many logistics and vendors involved and coordinating can be a large task.

Could you throw together your event together in a few weeks? Sure. However, it is not the best way to go about event planning. If you wait till the last-minute certain vendors may not be available, or you may have to pay rush fees to get certain event elements to you on time.  Be sure to check back to our blog next week to learn how to manage and plan your event timeline.

5.  Not Following Up With Your Clients or Attendees Post Event

This common mistake event professionals are making could cost you a lot of pain and struggles. It is absolutely essential to follow-up with your attendees and clients post event. This will allow clients to let you know what they liked, and what needs improvement. It will also allow you to grow and understand your event strengths and weaknesses better and improve upon them. Never just assume everything was perfect, there is always room to grow. Ask for feedback after your event so you can make your next event even better. For more information on how to follow-up after your event be sure to read our post, The Importance of a Follow Up Meeting.

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Comment below with common mistakes and solutions you see event professionals making.

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