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If there’s one thing we’re not short of these days, it’s choice. In fact, we have too many options for everything which leads to its own problems. For this week, we’ve rounded up a few tricks on how you can make the right choices for your event needs.

We teach you how to pick the right AV companies at the best cost. We also have some suggestions on the best event venues as well as where you can get the best inspiration for your event ideas.

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Here’s Where You Can Get Inspiration For Your Next Event

The key to getting your event in to people’s “must attend” list is simple: you need creative ideas that make your event stand out. From airports to history books to elementary school classrooms, you can draw a lot of inspiration from anywhere and anything. Who knew messy workspaces, bad ideas, and even regular exercise could be sources of that inspiration too?

High-Profile Events Company Founder Shares His Favorite Event Spots

Do you ever wonder who works with the likes of Obama, Pope Francis, or even Beyonce for their events? It turns out that’s Scott Mirkin, ESM Productions’s president. Here, he shares a list of his most interesting event locations, depending on the purpose and what the event ought to achieve. Whether it’s a great view, an intimate party, or a hang-out spot, he tells us all about the favorite places he’s worked with in the past.

You Should Get Rid of These Old Event Tactics

Are you recycling event ideas? Maybe your team still has that one-size-fits-all message every year. Or you still haven’t learned the art of crowdsourcing speakers. Do you and your team forget to keep in touch with previous attendees, or maybe send emails that seem too spammy? If you can relate to any of these things, you might need to reevaluate what’s happening in your company and read this article for a good wake-up call.

How One Company is Making Event Transactions Easier

Connect&GO debuted a mobile transaction system that accepts any type of payment method an event attendee might want – from debit, credit, to RFID chips. It features a list of inventory items that will be present at the event so attendees can have an easier, simpler way of paying for things like tickets, activities, and even food.

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How to Save on AV on Your Next Event

Take it from us, audio visuals play a huge part in your event’s success. But it can also eat up your budget if not done right. Here, we have some money saving AV tips like hiring your own provider instead of using the in-house providers of venues. Another tip is to gather a roster of potential AV companies to work with and meet with them separately to negotiate. Or why not kick it up a notch by hosting a virtual event instead?

Best Hospitality Companies You Should Be Aware Of

There’s a lot to learn from top-ranking hospitality companies. The likes of Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, and even Kimpton all have a not-so-secret secret to where they are now: they treat their employees well. These companies either generously reward their employees by extending free or discounted perks to their families and kids or even benefits for school and work. It’s something we can apply to our own events companies to keep our talent happy and loyal.

AR is Changing How Employees Work – in a Good Way

From an events industry perspective, augmented reality or AR looks like a cool new piece of technology. And while it’s indeed fun, it’s also seeing adoption in certain industries, making workers more productive along the way. AR has the power to close skill gaps, allowing workers to successfully do higher-skill tasks. Take a look at this article and see AR is something you can use for your company as well.

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How to Make Your Own Video Studio on a Tight Budget

You don’t need a professional studio to make professional videos. There are a lot of things you can either get for free or nab at a really affordable price. From cameras, tripods, lighting options, microphones, editing software, you have the choice whether to use what’s readily available to you for free or spend a little for added quality. Here’s a list of some video equipment you can get for cheap, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Why You Should Ditch Those Successful-People-Do-These Articles

Research shows that spending time reading those lists about what successful people do won’t necessarily make you more successful yourself. They’ve found that a lot of the evidence of this success is really dependent on specific contexts. Also, lots of success stories are shared without sharing similar contexts were failure was the end result. The takeaway here is that the world changes and with it, the keys to success. So take any success advice with a huge grain of salt.

Travel Startups To Keep An Eye Out For This 2017

Travel is getting easier and easier, especially with the increase of services offered by lots of companies and even startups. Skift has compiled a list of startups that will definitely be useful when planning your next trip. From AirHelp (your travel lawyer) to LocusLabs (Google Maps for airports), there are many tools to make your jet-setting adventures more of a breeze.



We’ve talked a bit about saving in this article. We know sticking to a budget is one of the most important things for an event planner. So we’re passing the mic to you: what are your best money-saving tips when it comes to organizing events?

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