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How do you become the best event manager? According to research, the most desired quality in prospective managers is a good personality. Surprisingly, an individual is more likely to be hired based on their character rather than their skill set. The specific personality traits that topped the list were drive, creativity, and open-mindedness.
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So how can you take this knowledge to improve yourself as an event manager? See the list below for a list of the top 5 qualities that make up an event manager.

#1 Best Quality of an Event Manager: Drive

Topping the list at 14%, drive is the most sought after character trait in event managers. When creating an event, it is crucial that the event manager is passionate, excited and has a positive outlook on the goal. Keep in mind that this excitement must be present from the early stages all the way through the grand finale. If you are lacking drive, consider the following points:

Get to the root of the problem – You can start by asking yourself a few of the following questions: Were you ever passionate about your event? When did you lose excitement about your event? What causes could have contributed to your pessimism?

Dissect the Problem – Take notes on the parts you are excited and not excited about. By taking notes, you will be able to better understand the root of your problems. This can help identify which problems are mood based and which are realistic contributors. If you are having difficulties writing about your problem, follow Dr. Judith Orloff’s 3 steps to rekindle passion.

Find new significance – It is natural for interests to fade with time. Try to relate your event to a new, exciting meaning in your life.

#2 Quality of an Event Manger: Resourceful

One of the most challenging (and rewarding) tasks of an event manager is being able to meet all the needs for your event. With these requirements, an event manager must be able to use all resources available. Additionally, thinking outside the box with creativity is a supplemental personality trait. Creative individuals have a strengthened ability to think of alternative means to an end. Below is a list of actions really resourceful people do:

  • Bend the rules
  • Adapt to new environments
  • Apply other experiences
  • Identify the common goal
  • Ask for exactly what they need

#3 Quality of an Event Manger: Versatility

One of the many challenges with events is the inability to make 100% accurate predictions. For example, you may plan on having the event at a popular location downtown. Your plans remain the same until a storm hits and wipes the entire city of all electricity the night before your event. How are you going to react? Being versatile during under many often stressful circumstances is a learned trait. Below are a few suggestions to become more adaptable as an event manager.

Time Management – It will be easier to deal with unplanned changes when there is extra time planned. If you struggle with accounting for enough time, check out these three time management tools.

Have an alternative plan – Though the example above is quite drastic, it definitely has happened. In the early planning phases, account for any potential mishaps. If it occurs that there are a change of plans, you will be better prepared if you have a backup plan.

Patience – Sometimes an unexpected event occurs right when you need it. It is almost inherent to try and resolve the problem immediately. Before you take immediate action, take the necessary time to evaluate your circumstance. Some steps to practice patience can be found in this Forbes article.

#4 Quality of an Event Manager: Communication

In events, it is especially important that the expectations are communicated clearly. In a study conducted on time spent in communication, researchers found that 40% was spent listening, 35% was speaking, 25% was reading and writing. So how do we use this knowledge to strengthen our own communication skills as event managers? Below is a list of tools to strengthen each component of communication as an event manager.

[Tweet “In a study conducted on time spent in communication, researchers found that 40% was spent listening.”]

Listening – To become a better listener, the key is simple: focus more on what the person is saying rather than thinking of your response. For more specific tools, refer to the 5 tips for becoming a better listener.

Speaking – One of the main goals when speaking is engaging your audience at the start. As an event manager, it is important to be able to clearly speak about the various components within the event. Additionally, you will need to leverage this skill when promoting your event. Read more about how to communicate effectively in this article.

Reading and Writing – As an event manager, reading and writing is especially important when communicating contractual information. You will want to make sure each point in a contract is clearly written and understandable for each part. Read more for tips for reading a contract.

#5 Quality of an Event Manger: Organization

Event planning is similar to juggling. You have many moving parts moving in multiple locations all at the same time. If you aren’t organized with your thoughts and actions, it is easy to drop the ball and thus lose track of an important component. As the head of the event, managers need to have control of the people, actions, and objects involved in the execution of the event. For additional organizational assistance, see helpful tips from other business professionals here.


Above lists the top five personality qualities that make up an event manager. Though these are important, there are several more that could be added to this list. For extra inspiration, refer to the many tools within this post to hone your managerial skills. Ultimately, if you are a team player and work with integrity, you will be able to achieve success as an event manager.

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