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What would you do if you could sit down for an hour each week with the biggest names in events and have a cup of coffee and just talk about events? I, Will Curran, am lucky that I get to have these conversations quiet often, but it suddenly hit me, what if I could share these conversations with the rest of the world? That’s where the inspiration for #EventIcons came from. #EventIcons is a weekly chat between myself and fellow event professionals (#eventprofs). Unlike a traditional podcast, we wanted to bring in a new element and that is video. We wanted to showcase the energy and passion of these event professionals, rather than just listening to them talk. But wait, there’s more! We have decided to take the conversations to the next level and introduce another element and that is social. We will be hosting our weekly conversations on the rapidly growing platform,

EDIT: Since publishing this blog, Endless has moved #EventIcons to the GoToWebinar platform to allow us to host more guests, and provide a more consistent broadcast experience for our guests and attendees. Subscribe to watch #EventIcons at is a platform where (as Adario Strange of Mashable described) “[up to] four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can instantly switch places with one of the four video chatters.” We felt this was a platform which would allow us to have a casual and very social conversation with the event industry icons we invite each week. This platform was important to our decision to do this because we did not want to limit the questions to come from me, the host, but also the people who really make up the events industry- you. If you have never experienced a Blab before, be sure to tune in to see what is being called the next “Periscope”.

Typically, each week, we’ll have different guests ranging everything from event AV to event trends to catering to business development. My goal is to keep the conversation diverse each week. I will start with a few starter questions to get the conversation started, but then we’ll open the questions to our audience to ask via the chat on the right-hand side, or if they feel up for it, we’ll welcome them onto the video conversation itself! So you can see, being there live to tune in can be very exciting and your chance to ask questions of the icons of the event industry.

For the first episode on December 2nd at 5pm EST, we will be doing things a bit differently. For those of you who listen to podcasts with guests often, a lot of time the energy is spent focusing on the guest each episode but you do not get to know the host of the show. So I wanted to give the opportunity for you all to get to know me (Will Curran) before we jumped into our weekly guests. So the first episode, I have asked my good friend, Dan Tyre of Hubspot to host the show and ask me a few questions. For those who don’t know Dan, he has been to a TON of events and has been involved in the planning very many of them. He was also one of the first employees of Hubspot and just has an amazing energy. So Dan will be grilling me with his best questions before opening up to you all to ask me anything. Then the following weeks, I’ll be jumping into the cockpit to interview our event icons once again.

So I hope to see you next Wednesday, December 2nd at 5pm EST for our first episode of #EventIcons on Be sure to head over to the Blab page, (EDIT: Now head over to and subscribe so you know when the next stream starts live!

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Information junkie, energetic, and work-a-holic are just some of the words we can use to describe Will Curran. Aside from spending 20 out of 24 hours a day working as the Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events, you can catch Will ordering a chai latte or watching The Flash with his cats. He is also well known for his love of all things pretzels.

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