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When it comes time to plan a company event in Phoenix –your first order of business, should be finding venues but not any venues, unique Phoenix event venues.

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You probably know the basic things that you’re looking for. You want a location that has enough space to accommodate the number of expected guests, and you also need to consider the facilities at the venue, to make sure they offer all of the amenities that you will need.

But what if you’re looking for a place that’s, well –interesting, fun, unique? Maybe you don’t want to go the standard conference center route, and instead want something offbeat and random. Choosing a new and unexpected location is a fantastic way to make an impression on your guests, and is sure to make your event one that will stand out for years!

Are you hoping for something that’s a bit different and outside of the box; read on for three unique locations –perfect for hosting corporate events in Phoenix. 

Phoenix Zoo Event VenuePhoenix Zoo

While the Phoenix Zoo may not have been the first thing that came to mind when you started brainstorming for event venues, this venue is distinctive enough that it’s sure to make a big impression. If you’re throwing a lighthearted and relaxed company get together or looking to combine business with pleasure, the Phoenix Zoo is a great place to consider. There are over fifteen different venues on-site to choose from –including the C.W. & Modene Neely Education and Event Centerlocated on the hilltop adjacent to the Zoo’s Tropics Trail, and the Stone House Pavilion –an upscale indoor meeting/banquet facility that features an outdoor covered terrace. At the Phoenix Zoo, you’re certain to find a habitat that’s perfect for your event!

The Boulders Club Event VenueThe Boulders Club

If you’re looking for something with less wildlife and more…well, golf; The Boulders Club may be more your scene. The Boulders Club is a semi-private country club at the Waldorf Astoria Resort. It features an impressive golf course –which includes two faster-play golf courses for quicker outings. The resort also boasts a yoga boot camp and a teambuilding exercise known as “Dine and Dash” –a scavenger hunt complete with food tastings across the golf course. This would be the perfect venue for a fun, relaxed corporate event. The beautiful setting and abundance of outdoor recreational activities, from rock climbing to horseback riding, will ensure that each of your guests has a truly enjoyable experience.

La Puesta del Sol Event VenueLa Puesta del Sol

La Puesta del Sol is a great venue for treating out-of-town guests to a true taste of Arizona. Situated at the top of a cactus-lined mesa, La Puesta offers guests 360 degree, panoramic views –perfect for watching sunsets. The venue offers a BBQ menu paired with country music and even cowboy games. With a fireworks finale to top the night off, this venue will allow you to leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime.

While throwing a successful event isn’t always easy –it is certainly possible! By choosing a unique venue –like one of the above, you’ll be off to a great start and ready for the other details to start falling into place.

When planning an event, whether doing it alone or using a professional event planner –it’s best to get started far in advance. This will help you to secure the location that you want, and will give you enough time to smooth out all the details before the big day arrives.

Need more ideas for event venues or more information on Phoenix event planning? At Endless Events, we work hard to take the stress out of event planning, and our team of professional event planners can help ensure that your event is coordinated seamlessly and professionally. We can help you to take your event to the next level, contact us today for a free quote!

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