Endless Entertainment was featured in the February issue of Rejuvenate magazine talking about the future of corporate meetings. This article features a huge amount of ideas and speculations as to what events will look like for everything from signage to future of venues.

From the editors of Rejuvenate, here’s how they describe the article: “Popular culture’s futuristic predictions of helpful robots, flying machines and oversize computers are surprisingly not that far off from what was to come—controlled environments, multiple-screen computers and even phones that allowed colleagues in different locations to conference at the same time. What are futurists predicting for 2025?”

Future of Corporate MeetingsHere’s Endless’ take on what event production will be like in 2025:

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that allows us to experience free-diving hundreds of feet below the surface of the water, exploring the hidden caverns of a distant sister planet in a neighboring solar system, or mapping out event logistics from remote locations with mock, virtual equipment” says Will Curran, president of Endless Entertainment. The events industry has an enormous need for this. Imagine being able to virtually place each piece of equipment to decide whether you like a particular event production set up, all without leaving your seat.”

Subscribe to their print edition to get the full article. So we’d love to hear what you think, what do you think the future of corporate meetings will look like in 2025?


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