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If you read our blog post earlier this week, you probably know that this week is Customer Service Week, hooray! For those of you who did not read the blog we posted earlier this week, it is Customer Service Week this week! With this said, we feel it is important to highlight all of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to customer service because it is such an important dimension of the business world, let alone the events industry. We asked on Monday that everyone who was willing and able to submit their best and worst customer service experiences, and to our surprise, we received overwhelming stories of great experiences. This goes to show how demonstrating great customer service can go a long way (it made it all the way to us!).

Without further ado:

1 Story of Great Customer Service That Will Improve Your Day

Megan from Pollen-Tech:

Megan Alkins, the Admin Assistant at Pollen-Tech (a neighboring local business in Arizona), was assigned a task to arrange transportation methods and details for her boss, Tom, once his flight landed in California. Pretty simple, right? Wrong. Due to a full day of meetings and preparation work for a big day in San Diego the next day, Tom was forced to jump on to a later flight, knowing full well that he had an early start of 4:30 a.m. the next day and was anticipating a rough morning. After a delay in take-off, because that’s what happens to good people in this world, the flight landed after midnight and if you are a frequent flyer, you must know that all car rental offices are closed by 11:30 p.m. Unfortunately for Tom, and Megan for that matter, there was no guarantee that he would get to where he needed to be for the company’s launch of Almond crop pollination (a very important day for Pollen-Tech). After frantically calling and exhausting all available options of rental car offices within walking, bussing, and taxi distance from the airport, Megan had just about given up, packed her things, and left Pollen-Tech until she finally struck gold. Thankfully, Ethan from Enterprise Rental Car had stayed late enough to catch Megan’s call and to her surprise, Ethan was more than willing, and in fact happy, to do whatever it took to get Tom where he needed to go. This meant standing at the gate of Enterprise for one hour after his scheduled closing time to hand the keys of a rental car over to Tom. Success! Ethan, if you have somehow found this blog, thank you for being an outstanding person and going above and beyond to truly help a customer, your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Also, a huge thank you to Megan for calling in and sharing your incredible customer service story!

Stay tuned for one more post about customer service that will go live tomorrow: Customer Service Tips Everyone Needs to Know!

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