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Uber’s $100M Settlement Will Change The Event Industry

By September 9, 2016 3 Comments
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  • Kettle

    Hah! Your blog post and your position on your high horse are laughable. According to glass door, you don’t treat your employees nearly as well as you boast about in this post:

    “Possibly the biggest con is their employee scheme involving pay. They do not pay their employees by calling them “interns.” They claim a six month “internship” Is needed in which they train you about the business. They pay you for your work at events but in the end you are working a ridiculous amount of hours without anything near the pay you deserve. “

    • Hey Kettle,

      I appreciate your concern and comment!

      Please note, that post is when I first started the company (14 Jan 2013) and thanks to that feedback I rebuilt my entire internship program to pay our interns. We realized that experience was not enough and we completely re-hauled our structure.

      That’s when we went 100% W-2.

      We always listen to our employee feedback and have improved from it.

  • Will –

    Good article that unfortunately has a number of flaws:

    (1) The court case you are citing with Uber is still under litigation. The judge threw out the settlement and as a result, it is highly likely that Uber will choose to see the case through to the end vs. settling again. See this August article: (http://www.recode.net/2016/8/19/12552324/uber-driver-settlement-rejected-100-million)

    (2) Your decision to use employees for endless is a strategic decision and you should absolutely go that direction if you want the event staffing folks to live, breathe, and execute the culture of your company. Since a contractor has the legal right to work for whomever they want within the scope of their contracts, you won’t be able to guarantee your end clients the high degree of specialized service that you’re looking to deliver. As a result, it is a stronger strategic decision to use employees vs. hiring contractors.

    (3) It is highly unlikely that the Uber decision will change the events industry. At best, it will help better define the very vague rules & regulations that states, federal agencies, and even local governments use to determine the difference between an employee and a contractor.

    Remember, that Uber is providing a highly commoditized service that doesn’t require much customer experience other than connecting a rider with a driver that can provide a safe, clean ride at a reasonable cost. You however, are providing a highly specialized, customized, and specific service for your end clients. Therefore, the Uber decision to use contractors makes a great deal of sense for their business strategy. And your decision to use employees makes a great deal of sense for your business strategy.

    Best of luck, but please remember that strategy should dictate business choices. Please don’t use your platform to create an incorrect assumption of legality about other businesses that may have a strategic and legal opportunity to make use of contractors. There are plenty of examples of event companies that successfully and legally use both contractors and employees to deliver excellent work.

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