You need a great sponsor to produce a great event. In this week’s roundup, we found out how to get sponsorship for an event and where to find these sponsors.

We also discovered how to nudge clients to dream big when it comes to events. Not only does it help them to align with your vision for the event, it also helps the client prepare for the best and the worst case scenarios to make the event a success. (using our Event Planning Checklist also sets you up for success)

Maybe helping your client dream big will finally let you recruit YouTube influencers to promote their convention? Or maybe it will get them to try out Snap Spectacles for their next event? It could even inspire them to use new tech like facial recognition and VR!

Keep Tabs on the Top 100 US Events

Events take all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are conventions, trade shows, concerts, festivals, and meetings large and small. There are thousands of these in the US alone. But which ones among them do you need to watch out for to find the latest trends and innovations? Here is a definitive list, sorted according to the various industries covered by each event. The list covers everything from mainstays like Comic-Con and prestigious all-star functions like the Academy Awards to sporting giants like Super Bowl and public spectacles like the Times Square New Year Countdown. Make sure to read up on the behind-the-scenes for each, to see how each one dazzles its way to success.

Help Your Attendees Find You with These Marketing Tips

Marketing is an extremely important aspect of the industry. It’s one you’d be keenly aware of if you’ve ever had the misfortune of underwhelming attendance in your events. You might think you’ve gotten the word out, but how do you know what went wrong? This study might help you. It turns out that even in the digital age, word-of-mouth is still the most important tool for generating buzz around your events. Emails and newsletters are right behind personal recommendations, so make sure you brush up on those campaigns. Curiously, not many people appear to search for events directly through social media.

Find Companies Who Want To Sponsor Your Events

Finding sponsors can be an intimidating job for event professionals, largely because it’s like pitching a proposed product to a bunch of CEOs. However, it’s not all about the product you’re selling, but also the people you’re pitching to that will determine your success. There will always be companies willing to sponsor your events, but you have to find out which ones are out there. To do this you need to understand the fundamentals of your event and what would make it attractive to sponsors. To do the latter, you would need to know why companies sponsor events in the first place. From that, you can come up with a list of sponsors willing to bet on your event’s success.


How to Get Your Clients to Dream Big

As event professionals, we’re always at the top of the most important trends. Sadly, not all our clients share our passion. Many of them still take inspiration from outdated ideas. It’s part of our job to help them realize the potential of their events So how do we bring them up to speed? It’s not just a matter of plopping the latest event trends magazine in front of them. First, you need to understand what’s holding them back, then free them from that. Here we tackle the important steps you need to do to prepare your client to dream big.

Facial Recognition: The Next Frontier for Events

VR has come to events, and it’s here to stay. It’s no longer some fancy new technology people can’t wait for. The frontier is here, and this time it has taken an interesting twist. As facial recognition technology improves each day, its uses could have a huge impact on future events. From using the tech to drastically ease attendee check-in processes to collecting facial recognition data as a means of assessing crowd emotion, the possibilities continue to rise. Of course, the tech could also be used to provide an added layer of security to your next project.

Create Event Buzz Via Snap Spectacles

Experiential marketing is all about making memories. And what better way to capture these than through Snap’s wildly popular Spectacles? It turns out that these shades are not just great for recording the mundane events of one’s life. By leveraging it for events, managers can easily entice attendees to document what they see. This heightens the visual experience without the hassle of holding a smartphone every step of the way. Check out this guide to see just how you can use Spectacles to your event’s advantage!

Should You Publish On Social Media More Often?

There are lots of tips for publishing effective social media content. But once you’ve made a nice stockpile of scheduled posts for your campaign, another problem hits you. How often should you be publishing? The guys at HubSpot ran another experiment to find out the ideal time-frame for social posting. They tested the effectiveness on each of the major platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Check out this post for the interesting results!


Collaborating YouTube Influencers: Can You Do It?

Derral Eves is one of the world’s best YouTube video marketers. Of course, he’s also worked with some of the world’s most successful channels. But during an interview, he said that you don’t need to be a top video marketer like him to work with YouTube influencers. All it takes is the right approach, which involves giving the influencer freedom to execute your promotions. Remember, influencers aren’t sticklers for rules. After all, one of their greatest assets (aside from their fanbase) is their creativity. Listen to his interview to gain nuggets of wisdom on how to work with influencers and expand your reach tenfold.

Working Smarter Does Exist: Here’s How

Working hard is fine and all, but sometimes there are more efficient ways to bury the nail than pounding on it with brute force. This is the essence of working smart. In a different light, working smart could also come to mean making use of counterintuitive strategies to get things done in record time. From taking things slowly to following a “when you feel like it” schedule, here are some strategies you can consider to power through your workload without breaking a sweat.

Billionaires Talk About Their Productivity Secrets

What do all billionaires have in common? Aside from more wealth than the average man could fathom, these people all have their own secrets to productivity. In this article, they’re spilling them all out. Mark Zuckerberg shares how he focuses on the big goals. Bill Gates established his “deep work” zone. Carlos Ghosn sets workable time limits for meetings. Learn how they apply these techniques and more to gain the edge that made them what they are.



We should all act like we’re billionaires. Not in the spending lavishly kind of way. More like we should work smart as much as they do.

Which billionaire has the best productivity secret, in your opinion? Do you currently practice what they preach when it comes to running your business?

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