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In today’s marketing you cannot expect to just create an event and magically people will come. With the amount of events people are asked to attend increasing, people have to be choosy with their time and only go to the best events. Promoting your event is key to bringing guests to your event. You need to build a strong promotional campaign for your events to ensure they are a success and attendance is high.


A lot of planners are afraid of promoting their events because they are not sure where to even begin, or feel it will be an expensive endeavor and are not sure what avenue of promoting will be successful.

Before you begin promoting your event you will need professional promotional material. To make sure your promotional material matches the quality of your event and brand we suggest hiring a graphic designer to make your marketing materials. Make sure all designs and images used reflect what your event will be like and match your event in quality to set expectations.

Once you have your materials made, start promoting! It is never too early to begin promoting your event. The more people you make aware of your even the more likely word will spread which will increase the potential amount of attendees.

Promoting Your Event on Facebook.

Facebook is a great cost effective way of promoting your event. You can use it to get the word out about anything from a small event to a large convention. It is a fast way to spread the word. However, you cannot just expect to post an event and have people show up. You will need to work on social media to make this happen.

The key to a successful promotion on Facebook or any social media is to make it shareable. Hold contests such as giving away tickets to your events. To enter the contests require contestants to “like” and “share” your post. The more people that interact with your post the more Facebook edgerank will allow visibility, allowing more people to see it! Always be sure to check Facebook’s contest rules to before holding a contest.

You can also pay to advertise your event on Facebook to spread the reach. If you do this, be sure to target your audience to your target market or else you will be advertising to irrelevant people.

Create an Event Hashtag.

A hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and even now Facebook is a great way to generate a buzz around your event. If you decide to go this route and create a hashtag for your event, which we strongly recommend, make sure everyone knows what the official hashtag is! Often people do not make it clear what the correct hashtag is which leads to a few variations and no strong presence on any social media. Put your hashtag EVERYWHERE! Even ask speakers, performers and staff at your event to use the hashtags on their promotional materials, and tweets. If you use a hashtag right you will see more engagement before, after and during your event. Make it clear, share it often!

Create A Email Newsletter For Your Event.

An email newsletter is a fantastic way to stay in touch and promote your events. Email newsletters are much more likely to be seen by your prospects because they are guaranteed to go directly to their email. Once people opt into your email newsletter you can update them with exciting news and announcements to keep them excited about the event. You can also use this newsletter to announce next years event to past attendees. Always remember this years attendees are your best customers for next year so keep them in the loop about any future events.

Before you create an email newsletter be sure to familiarize yourself with CAN-SPAM Laws to make sure you are doing everything legally as the fines are hefty for breaking the law.

We hope this article has helped open your eyes and guide you on successful ways to promote your event!

Do you have ideas and ways to promote your events? Comment below and share some of your ideas for promotion!

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