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Staff Spotlight: Danny Fancher – Operations Manager

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Danny Fancher is the Operations Manager of Endless Entertainment. This week I interviewed Danny for our “Staff Spotlight” series. Read below for a full interview with Danny Fancher.

How did you get started with Endless Entertainment?
I got started with Endless Entertainment through internship scouting while at Central Michigan University. I wanted to find a company that fit the culture I was looking for, something different, and something far away from Michigan.

I found the company through searching and networking on LinkedIn. I snuck into a private events group so that I could send Will, the President of Endless Entertainment, a direct message expressing my interests in the company and what I could do for him if he just gave me 5 minutes. He gave me the 5 minutes which turned into an interview. This led to another interview and eventually led me to traveling the 1,921 miles from Michigan to Arizona a week later.

How would you describe your role at Endless Entertainment?
As the Operations Manager I help run the operations side of the company. I stay a good distance from sales and lead generation but work heavily along side each department to ensure our events and clients are taken care of.

My role is not static at Endless, I have a wide range of tasks to do and shoes to fill. I help manage the event staff and equipment rentals. I review accuracy of quotes and inventory so that our events can have as little room for error as possible.

As the Operations Manager I also lead most of our meetings and work to develop training and team building exercises for the staff. I play many roles here within Endless and often get called the gaff tape of our team because I help hold and pull everything together.

What was your most rewarding moment thus far at Endless Entertainment?
I would have to say that my most rewarding moment has been to finish my internship and move up and accept a full-time position as Operations Manager. I started off as an intern and had hopes and plans to continue but nothing was set in stone. The offer was a great deal of accomplishment and I have not looked back since.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I am usually a pretty open book. I have a tendency to talk loud and because of this it is often tough to say what most people don’t know about me. I would have to say that most are not aware of my complete dislike of mint ice cream. I just can’t stand it.

What one line of advice would you give to your clients?

I would like our clients to know that we as a team are very dedicated to making you, our client, and your event feel and look amazing. So just enjoy your event and trust in the team you selected.

Last question; What are your words to live by?

I have a motto that I live by from an old roommate. “Keep your ratios right”, meaning you can live and do what you want but there has to be balance in your life. If you keep your life ratios right then you will be fine.

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