Who doesn’t love a free event planning tool? One of the best free event planning tools an #eventprof can use are templates. You can avoid missing crucial event details, reduce the stress of recreating something from scratch, and hit the ground running from day one.

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Another excellent tool you need under your belt is a solid social media strategy. Your best attendees are often glued to Facebook, Instagram, and other networks. They are the ones who drive your word of mouth and are also the most engaged participants in your event. This makes having an active social media presence a non-negotiable these days.

We would be a miss if we forgot to share our best templated event planning tool. Grab your very own free budget template here! 

Make Work Easier With These Event Planning Templates

In an industry as hectic as events, templates are a godsend. They allow you to painlessly work through your event, as if on rails. This leaves you free to spend more time thinking about the creative aspects of your event. You can use many templates to help work your way through event promotions, from generating advanced buzz to making last-minute announcements.


Event Tech Is Going Strong in 2018

Event tech shows no signs of letting up. This special report sums up just how much of a role technology has to play throughout your event’s lifespan. Event profs now use sophisticated tech like profile matching systems to gather like-minded attendees and automated handwritten thank-you notes for that extra post-event service. Jump into the article to learn more trends in event tech.


What Do Attendees Really Do in Festivals?

If you need convincing that attendee tracking software embedded into event apps can be useful, check out these basic attendee facts. On average, your attendees walk around four miles a day and spend about 45 minutes in your sponsor’s areas. They also spend more than 4 hours in areas with live music, and more than half an hour looking for food and drinks. Off the top of your head, it’s fairly easy to make actionable plans based on this data. But getting targeted data specifically for your own events could be an even greater advantage, especially if all it takes is installing an app.

On average, your attendees walk around four miles a day and spend about 45 minutes in your sponsor’s areas. Click To Tweet


Don’t Fall for These 5 Event Management Mistakes

Mismanaging an event is like winning a lottery and then losing the ticket. It’s a huge waste of potential! To help you avoid this grave error, here are 5 of the most common mistakes you should steer away from. Are you keeping up to date on whats going on in the events scene? Are your events connected to the strategy of the company? Do you understand why you are even doing your event? If not, then give this piece a good read!

Make Them Feel, Make It Memorable

Making events memorable is so easy to say but so hard to pull off. Just as you would hold a person dear because of the memories you’ve shared, your attendees view your event based on how they experienced it. This makes the trend of multi-sensory experiences all the more relevant. This list unravels eight strategies from various companies that not only made their audiences leave feeling happy but also helped them remember their brand for a long time. From Toyota’s behind-the-wheel playground to Hennessy’s futuristic pop-up journey, HP’s hands-on exhibits to Marriott’s chefs and artists, there are a lot of ideas here that you can mix and match for your own event.

The Top Events for Those Who Make Events

What better way for an event professional to learn about the latest and greatest in the industry than through an event itself? This way, we not only gather ideas, but also inspiration on how they can be applied. Here is a list of the top 10 #eventprof events this year you need to mark on your calendar. There are various events focusing on different steps in the event lifecycle, such as tech, catering, planning, and more.


Your Complete Social Media Marketing Guidebook

There’s a lot of knowledge out there about using social media for events But sometimes the deluge of information can get overwhelming. This is why it’s important to have everything you need to know in one place. This mega-resource from the Event Manager Blog has everything you need to know about social media, from statistics to how to get your boss to allocate more budget. It also walks you through all the parts of the social media cycle, while offering a section on how to deal with problems when they arise.

Mismanaging an event is like winning a lottery and then losing the ticket. Click To Tweet


The Slow Metamorphosis of the Airport

Over the years, many top airports around the globe have morphed into something much more than a terminal. Hong Kong, for example, has an IMAX theatre, Singapore has a butterfly garden, while Korea has a skating rink. These changes point to airports turning into community hubs instead of being simple passenger terminals. While these changes are all long overdue, it’s still a welcome sight to see your local airport becoming a destination itself rather than just a point on the map.

3D Printed Food? You Should Look Forward to It

Part of the fun of events is discovering what new experiences lie in the food and beverage section. Can you imagine a 3D-printed corn that is actually a piece of chocolate? That’s what the catering options of the future look like, with the advent of food 3D printers that can handle various textures. The machine, dubbed “Foodini”, can customize food items depending on your event’s theme and other factors, giving you unlimited options on the gastronomic side.


The Real Money behind Events

If you’ve ever wondered just how much money the events industry is making in the United States alone, an up-and-coming study has pegged it at a whopping $330 billion. This is an increase of over $50 billion from the first study in 2014. This puts a price tag on the vaunted “going strong” trend of events, showing that this ever-growing industry is a heavy-hitter whatever your company’s goals are. Maybe you can use these numbers to convince clients and brands that events really are the way to go?



We talked about events for event professionals earlier and while our schedule is uber-busy, we’d like to squeeze in and attend one or two of them.

So we’re curious: which of the events here have you gone to before? Any recommendations?

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