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We all know the stress of creating event sponsorship packages for each event we plan. Why not make life easier for your while delivering better value to sponsors? It’s time to start forging event partnerships that go beyond one-off events.

On top of that, I’m sure you want to hit a positive event ROI for your events to go with that new partnership. Learn about how to do event sourcing right. Manage event contractors the right way. Use the right online tools that will get the most bang out of your event bucks. Read all about these and beyond in this roundup.

Also, it pays to know about event AV, since it’s one of the most pricey assets for your event but can have the biggest payoff. Learn all about it in our free production guide infographic.

Online Tools to Make Registration a Breeze

Forever gone are the days when event registration meant signing a sheet of paper. Today there are multiple options for attendees to check in to events, whether offline or online. For any type of registration though, speed and ease of registration is a definite plus. Common tools like WordPress and MailChimp can now process registrations. Survey tools like Jotform and Survey Monkey can also be adapted for this use. There are also more event-centric platforms like Hubilo, Eventzilla, 123Signup, Ovelt, and many more that not only cater to your specific event needs but also integrate with other tools like analytics and tech interfaces.

The Complete Lowdown on Event Sourcing

Sourcing is an integral part of events, but even experts have questions on how to do it best. To clear things up, sourcing legend Andy Smith from Experient takes on these questions and gives an insight on how to make the most of your options. Find out whether a DIY approach is more beneficial, or whether you should hand the task to someone else. You’ll also understand how the economy affects the whole sourcing process, and which direction sourcing could take in the future.


Give Your Schedule Some Breathing Space

As event professionals, we’re so used to jam-packed schedules that we practically cherish it. However, lighter schedules may actually be more beneficial, both personally and when applied to events. Research suggests that in an event, frequent breaks could encourage more interactions. These breaks do not have to be empty though. You can always incorporate local elements to keep things interesting while relaxed at the same time. Also, take into account the real-time feedback of your attendees. Use it to gauge whether they’ve got enough (or even too much) rest before moving on.

Research suggests that in an event, frequent breaks could encourage more interactions. Click To Tweet


Embracing the Weirdness of Meetings

The word “meeting” carries a connotation of being serious, and mostly boring to be honest. What does an event professional have to do to shake things up? This is where the creation of unique and out-of-the-ordinary experiences will come into play. Meetings may cover the simplest of topics, but mixing things up to break the mold can go a long way. From uncommon games and giveaways to choose-your-own-adventures and unique conference breakout sessions, it’s possible to make any meeting interesting. Just make sure to mind the coherence of the whole event. Make sure attendees still takeaway the most important tidbits.

Expert Tips to Get Sponsorship Right

Whether you’re jumpstarting sponsorships or just renewing pre-established partnerships, industry experts are here to give you a boost. These days, sponsorships go beyond companies getting a logo and mention in your event. Corporations are now looking for complete, year-round involvement that would take the concept of event sponsorship to new levels. This, of course, involves a lot of communication and planning. Once a sponsor finds that both your missions align and they decide that what you have to offer is something they need, then you’re on your way to forging a strong partnership.

Stand to Get the Most ROI

Exhibition stands are investments. That’s why they need to create results. That means cutting costs on these stands just won’t cut it! Just utilize the right stand design and you can make much more of an impact. This includes having a stand that exudes your brand identity, one that attracts your customers by offering them something that they value. In the back end, you should also understand what your goals for joining the exhibition are and how to measure your performance. This will let you convey to your stand designers just what you need, including a means of gathering useful data.

Here Are the Latest Event Marketing Strategies

Event marketing is both art and science, and the latter means there’s a lot of strategizing involved. Nowadays, that includes understanding what factors make quality content. It also means knowing which social media platform to focus on and which assets to invest in, like influencers and tech. This guide takes us deeper into these emerging strategies, complete with how to you can use them right now in your existing marketing campaigns. While there are lots of techniques out there, sticking to these four will give you a solid foundation in marketing success.

Corporations are now looking for complete, year-round involvement that would take the concept of event sponsorship to new levels. Click To Tweet


Make Your Marketing Multi-Touch

One-off marketing efforts are doomed to get drowned out in this noisy world. This is why marketing has evolved to take the “multi-touch” approach, with events covering some of its key areas. Events are especially important since they provide the experiential part of the strategy. A good event allows the company to embed their brand story into the public consciousness. Various types of events such as roadshows, dinners, conferences, and exhibits fit seamlessly into this framework. Check out this guide to know how to execute this, together with a few examples of how the big brands do it!

Making Emails Target Specific Audiences

Email segmentation is a standard marketing strategy but the ability to gather data about a specific person’s behavior and preferences has taken it to new levels. This guide shows various techniques to make the most of email segmentation, such as using attendance data and job experience to craft really personal (and really effective) pre-registration emails. In the same vein, the person’s ticket type, engagement level, and session registrations could filter who receives which post-registration email. Open a whole new dimension of opportunities in building lasting relationships with your audience.

Here’s How to Manage Event Contractors

Working with various contractors, especially on huge or highly specialized events, can be tricky. It’s important to let contractors know the fine details of the job early on so they can get on board completely. It’s also important to recognize a job well done as if the contractors were our own employees. This can be done through open communication channels and through efficient pay structures. The job is also a two-way street. In the same way that you seek to make the most out of your contractors, they also count on you to deliver on the things coming from your end. These include timely pay, feedback, and communication.



Are you struggling with event marketing? It can be a doozy, not just because of all the apps out there but also the frenetic pace at which it works. One month you’re using a social campaign, next month you find everyone’s left your page for the shinier, newer one down the block.

What are your frustrations with event marketing?



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