Every equation begins with a story.

This all started back in 2007, when Will Curran picked up the hobby of DJing backyard events. Eventually, word got out of Will’s talent as a DJ, and he was booked up 7-days-a-week DJing. Will eventually started hiring a team to help scale and grow the company we now know as Endless. The team (or as we call them, Einsteins of Events) used its great knowledge of how to entertain people, get them to dance, laugh, smile, and ultimately create memorable events to start creating events on their own.

Every equation begins with a story.
Growing in popularity

Growing in popularity.

Their first stop as Einsteins were to transform the way high school and college dances were done. When they first arrived on the scene, a DJ was just someone with a laptop and a few spinning lights. Einsteins of events knew they could do better, so they took inspiration from large concert productions and incorporated them into these dances to create epic one night only experiences that looked more like Justin Timberlake’s arena tour than a high school dance. The Einsteins got very busy as word got out about their amazing services and how they sold out high school and college events everywhere they went. Soon, Endless was being asked to provide that same memorable event and client experience for corporate events & large outdoor events across the country.

That aha! moment.

At this time, Einsteins started to have their first revelation about AV & event production companies. During this time, as the company as expanded, they worked with dozens of AV and production companies across the country to produce their events. What they realized is there was a fundamental flaw in most AV & event production companies… they aren’t enjoyable to work with. Either they didn’t explain what they were supplying, so you had no idea what you were getting unless you were technical or when they explained it, you still had no idea what they were supplying. When issues popped up, they seemed apathetic but spent more time playing the blame game then fixing the issue. So they had a serious eureka moment… Why don’t they create a better AV & event production company?

That aha! moment.
Building A Better Event Production Company

Building a better event production company.

They took everything we learned from producing their own events and hiring AV & production companies and applied it to building the better AV & event production company. They focused on their people who you just love to work with, breaking the mold of traditional production companies and leverage technology to make their process more efficient for our clients and focused on providing the perfect service.

Fast forward to today.

10 years later, and hundreds of clients and thousands of attendees and a nearly perfect net promoter score from our clients- we think we have finally solved the equation to building an AV & event production company that people love to work with.

Fast forward to today.

Our Mission:

Creating The Equation

Endless strives to provide the highest quality of services so that ultimately you, our customers, could trust that you had hired the best team possible to execute your dream event. Our work involves putting together the hundreds (if not thousands) of moving parts that are involved in the production of all of our events. After some time, we realized we were almost like scientists. As the Einsteins of events we put all of the variables together so you have the perfect equation provided for your event.

When Albert Einstein took simple things and added his skill and expertise, he discovered something great! He provided the equation to solve some of the most complex and extraordinary problems known to man including the famous e=mc2. Just as Einstein did, we also take simple variables which might seem ordinary at first such as lighting, sound, staging, and video, and then we bring these variables together and combine them with our core values. When brought together they create an equation for a truly remarkable event.

Our Values

Many companies have nice sounding value statements displayed in the lobby, such as: Integrity, Communication, Respect and Excellence. Ironically, these were Enron’s values. (These values were not, however, what was really valued at Enron). At Endless, we particularly value the following six behaviors and skills 
in our colleagues (meaning we hire and promote people who demonstrate these six)

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow

When events change, we change. When events grow, we grow! We strive to equip our team with a vast amount of knowledge and resources to unlock the potential in each and everyone of our employees. To be truly successful at everything we do and stay ahead of the curve, our employees must do the same.

Selfless Service

Selfless Service

We believe that great service is measured by the relationships we build.  We celebrate generosity and selflessness by putting the success of each customer and event before ourselves.  We understand that only through others are we able to accomplish great work.  As a result of this, we constantly find ways to provide individualized service to each customer and how we can go above and beyond for them.

Excitement In The Air

Excitement In The Air

Endless provides a constant and exhilarating experience all the time! We are in the business of building memorable experiences for our customers, so why not have fun doing it? From the second you meet one of our staff to the final meeting after your event, you will see the excitement everywhere around Endless.

Be Professional

Be Professional

Bring the appropriate amount of professionalism to every situation!  We are committed to performing at our highest potential every day. We also understand that our actions are our own responsibility; we shall make decisions with experience and good judgment.

Continuous Gratitude

Continuous Gratitude

Being thankful and expressing that is paramount to our team! We praise and thank each other for a job well done. We make sure to show that we care and have an appreciation for our customers, coworkers and anyone we associate with.

Breathing Passion

Breathing Passion

We live and breathe events, each and every one of us! We are the legends of the events industry. Our passion drives us to work off the clock and late at the office, because we absolutely love everything we do at Endless. Passion is first nature for us.  We need passion as much as we need to breathe.

Our Distributed Culture:

We work everywhere in the world.

We think most companies would agree that they look to hire responsible people. Responsible people are very rare which is why we spend some much time hiring. Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom. So we decided to move our culture from one surrounding a physical space such as an office and instead move a distributed team model where our team all work remotely. This saves our clients from having to pay our massive office rent overhead and allows to keep working on the road while working events.

The Team You’ve Been Waiting For

Meet the Einsteins of Events

Anna Barnett

O2 Assimilator

Andrew Latimer

Design Engineer

Karmen Jericevic

Event Opportunity Creator

Alisha Rickman


Brynne Fuller

Senior Event Einstein

Will Curran

Chief Event Einstein

Shaina Weisinger

Video Whiz

Brian Stubblefield

Audio Engineer

David Duffett

Video Engineer

Craig Kneuper

Live Stream Engineer

Kaitlin Colston

Content Curator

Asad Asaduzzaman

Motion Manipulator

Glenn Santos

Content Chemist

Sahedi Khan

Buzz Biologist

Shane Sandler

Video Engineer

Brandt Krueger

Agent Provocateur

Chris Weatherford

Audio Engineer

Sarah Christl

Marketing Lab Assistant

Jim Box


Kanij Shishir

Buzz Architect

Byron Chica

Breakout Engineer

Chris Simmons


Frances Arcinas


Katie Christianson

Content Chemist

Justin Eddy

Audio Engineer

Katie Bookser

Video Chemist

Alex Valdes

Video Engineer

John Podwika


Join The Team

Help us build the best customer-focused AV company on the planet
100% Distributed

100% Distributed

Work wherever you find to be the most productive. Don’t feel like you need to get “back to the office”.

Flexible Vacation

Flexible Vacation

We hire responsible people and we know sometimes after big events you just need a break. We’re in this for the long haul and don’t want you to get burnt out.

Work That Matters

Work That Matters

We’re the first people in and usually the last people out at events. We’re in this to change the events industry. If one day everyone says “We love our AV company”, we’ve done our job

Awesome People.

Awesome People

We bring together the best people to do the best work. We want to make work fun. As we mentioned, the people and the team is what makes us better so we are relentless about finding the best people.

We leverage technology.

We Leverage Technology

We use awesome tools like Slack and video conferencing to make it easier to communicate. We make it possible for you to work wherever in the world you are.

Culture focused.

Culture Focused

Read those core values and sound like something you’re up for? Apply below and we’d love to have you on the team!