While the dazzling lights, hip music, and awesome displays are great at attracting people, remember that event engagement trumps all of these. High budgets and press coverage does nothing for your business if it doesn’t make your event memorable and impactful.

With that, we do have a few ideas how you can make your events engaging, especially for millenials. Create an offline presence out of a digital one just like how Las Vegas is creating an e-sports arena. Make people hang onto your every post by making disappearing stories via Instagram. Learn how you too can create live video easily and interact with viewers in real time.

PS: If you want to learn how to engage your audience better, click here and we’ll teach you how.

Putting the Spotlight on Stage Production in deadmau5’s Cube 2.1 Video

The name deadmau5 is a household name for a generation that listens to DJs instead of rock stars. With the coming of his seemingly throwback album is the schedule and lineup of his tours. One thing we can look forward to is the Cube 2.1, Zimmerman’s new stage production. His Cube is supposedly better than before, and to prove it, the team has released a special video so fans can see just how they’ve given deadmau5’s Cube an upgrade.

How E-Sports Arenas Are Catering to the Gaming Generation

Imagine everything you see in a sports arena: from stands to screens to stages. Then add in few dozen video game consoles in the middle of it. That’s exactly what Las Vegas is doing with their new e-sports arena, all in the hopes of attracting the millennial generation to Sin City. They’re catapulting event engagement in e-sports to a whole new level by making your next Overwatch tournament into the digital Super Bowl.

How 360 Videos and Live Videos are Coming Together

Ricoh makes some great cameras if you want to shoot some 360 videos. And with the advent and rise of live videos, the company is adapting pretty well to the new technology. The camera company is releasing a developer kit that’ll let people capture amazing-quality 360 videos live. Ricoh has just made these kits available for pre-order. These 360 and live video experiences will definitely add a new dimension to your events coverage.

9 Books Every Marketer Should Read This Year

One good habit that super-successful people have is voraciously consuming books. If you want to be at the top of your game, you should have a hunger for reading as well. Learn how to make engaging content, sticky campaigns, and wonderful stories from these nine books.

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The 2017 Social Media Landscape According to Marketing Professionals

The marketing pros have voice out what they predict will be the top trends in social media this 2017. For one thing, Twitter might make a comeback, once it focuses again on human interactivity and connections that is. Is Snapchat in danger of losing its relevance now that so many brands have copied and even improved on its core features? Live videos also seem to be the star of the show for so many social media platforms this year. What does the future hold for social media?

Using Instagram Stories in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Instagram launched a major feature some months ago, allowing users to share and upload Stories with a short 24 hour lifespan. To a marketer, marketing material that disappears might make no sense. That is until you realize that your target market are millennials who consume these fleeting images and videos all the time. The key to creating engaging Stories is providing value while adding eye-catching graphics from overlays to stickers.

How Productivity Breeds Productivity

For years, everyone thought the key to productive employees was handing out bigger and better rewards and benefits. Who would have guessed that simply sitting next to productive workers makes employees more productive themselves? It turns out that pairing up people with opposite strengths, whether it’s doing quality work or quick work, works wonders in helping them influence each other. It’s taking peer pressure to a whole new and positive level.

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The Beginners Guide to Staying Social While Working From Home

When you work from home, it’s a little easy to fall into the trap of withdrawing into your safe space. But without social interaction, it’s even easier to fall into a kind of depression, rendering you unproductive and unmotivated. To keep this from happening, remember that meeting work buddies and scheduling lunches can help a lot. Going networking and traveling when possible won’t hurt either. Learn more about staying sane with a remote job with this guide.

The Age of Personal Flying Vehicles: Introducing Passenger Drones

When planes were invented, it wasn’t long before people speculated the coming of personal flying cars that could seat a couple of people at a time. And finally this year, that dream is coming to life. The Chinese EHang184 passenger drone is scheduled to launch regular operations in Dubai beginning July. Perhaps in the future, we’ll no longer need bikes and cars in the advent of personal flying vehicles.



Exciting times are ahead, with technology making us more productive and more connected than ever. But it seems that tech has also placed each of us in our own personal bubble, heads down on their phones and laptops. Let’s bring back engagement into our events and also in our daily interactions.

In what ways are you using technology to connect with people in real life?

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