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Working with committees is something many event planners are familiar with. And anyone who’s been a part of one knows just how complex things can get. So on this week’s episode of #EventIcons, we’ll be providing you with some tactical tips to work inside a committee, on a board, and everything in between. No more miscommunication, no more frustrations, and no more second-guessing yourself. Because after this edition of the podcast, you’ll be left with all the best practices you need to be successful at working with committees as an event prof.

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But we couldn’t do it all alone! And this is why we invited a very special guest. Joining our always wonderful host, Will Curran, is the only and only Kristi Casey Sanders. Kristi is quite the powerhouse when it comes to the topic. She’s the Senior Director of Community Engagement for Meetings Professionals International, and she’s been with MPI for almost five years now. This means Kristi is one of the best people out there to empower you with all the strategic knowledge you could hope for on the topic of working with committees. So, are you ready to learn all about it? Press play, we’re getting iconic today!

I think what makes a committee difficult to work with is if there is a really vague charge. If there aren't very well defined parameters. Click To Tweet Some committee members aren't quite sure if their contributions are going to mean anything. And that might preclude their evolvement, they might start to drift away. Click To Tweet If we don't have executive access, if we're not used to that kind of executive presence, the board can be incredibly intimidating. Click To Tweet If you want to viewed as being more strategic, if you want to be valued for your contributions, the most important thing is that you think like a consultant. Click To Tweet

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Make sure you join us again next week for another iconic episode. In case you’re interested in extra virtual event content, click here to learn more while you wait for another #EventIcons!

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