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Last month the Event Leadership Institute created an online self-assessment test for event and meeting professionals to gauge their knowledge level when it comes to audiovisual production, lighting, staging, and anything that relates to speakers giving presentations on stage. After more than 1,500 people took the test, the results are in.

The average score is a 48.

That’s out of 100. More than two-thirds of participants scored between 30 and 60, while only nine percent scored 80 or above. If you’re a meeting planner looking for a way to separate yourself from the competition, there’s your answer.

The questions with the lowest scores related to coordinating a speaker’s slide presentation. Only 10 percent of people correctly answered a question distinguishing the benefits of rear-screen versus front-screen projection, while only 11 percent correctly answered a question on how to avoid black bars above and below a slide being shown on screen, the result of not properly coordinating aspect ratios between presenter and audiovisual supplier.

The scores are disappointing, but not altogether surprising. Over the years planners have gotten smarter and more sophisticated when it comes to just about every aspect of meeting and event planning. We’ll challenge a vendor if there’s something they don’t understand about the venue, food and beverage, decor, and other elements.

Original article by Howard Givner, founder and executive editor of the Event Leadership Institute and published on BizBash. To sign up for the Technical & Meeting Production course, head over to the Event Leadership Institute. Endless Entertainment are members of the Event Leadership Institute because we committed to being the Einsteins of events and continually improving our knowledge and skills surrounding events.

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