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Our town hall meetings are not only held in person for our corporate staff, but we also webcast live out to the field and all our remote locations - basically over 20 plus locations.

Denise LauerMorton Salt
Phoenix Event Production

World-Class Virtual Event Management Solutions

Virtual and hybrid events are set to be the next big thing. Ponder this – in a world where technology develops and improves at an impressive speed, it’s our job as events profs to keep up with the motions. Why not be the one who takes the first step into more sustainable, engaging events that can connect thousands of people from around the world at lower costs and increased flexibility? The tools we have readily available right now represent an ocean of untapped opportunities. From being able to reduce our carbon footprint to making education and networking available to more people, virtual events are full of potential.

Making the jump from in-person events to virtual might seem like more than you can chew. But just like in any other thing in life, it’s about the allies you choose to have on your side. And as a highly experienced and tech-savvy company, Endless can help you make this transition in a seamless way.
Every day we witness change happening right before our eyes. And we believe that by being at the forefront of change and positioning ourselves as game-changers, we can contribute to making not only the events industry but also the world a better-connected place. Events are all about bringing people together. But who’s to say that you can’t have the same results, or better, by adopting the technology that is shaping our everyday lives? Join us in this quest and book your first consultation with us – a world-class virtual event production company that wants to take the way you see events to a whole new level!

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After lots of research, Fourkites trusted Endless to turn their annual customer conference into a full-on virtual event.

About six months ago, we realized we weren't going to do a live event, in-person, in a hotel ballroom. We were going to do a virtual event. So, we started scanning around looking for the best of the best company to partner with. And after a very long search, we chose Endless.

Steve RotterCMO, Fourkites
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Brad Cochran
Brad Cochran
We have worked with Endless for over 10 years, they are creative, service focused, and fun to work with. As our events have grown they have always been able to deliver and exceed our expectations. Whether it has been A/V for small meeting spaces to Arena size events, Will and his team focus on the details and create the experience that take an event from good to great. I look forward to seeing what we can do with them next.
Lucija Matic
Lucija Matic
Endless was the best AV team I’ve ever worked with. The main difference between them and other productions companies is that they really take time to understand event and client’s needs, so they can provide customized production plan. Their attention to details and personal approach helped to take off so much weight off my shoulder as an event organizer. I’m forever grateful to the whole Endless team who worked with me on a two days conference and can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them again!
Nick Borelli
Nick Borelli
Will and his Endless Events team are known globally in the event industry as THE creative production company for clients who are tired of the same old AV. I'm constantly impressed with the design work this team produces from brand activations to full-scale conferences - it's always memorable. On top of this, they're committed to raising the bar for the entire industry through education, content sharing, and volunteering with industry associations. Lastly, Endless Event's commitment to the non-profit, The SEARCH Foundation, proves they also have a heart. You've already seen what the status quo can owe it to yourself to now see what Endless Events could do for you.
Linda Richardson
Linda Richardson
Selective Sound Entertainment
Selective Sound Entertainment
Marc Anthony Rosa
Marc Anthony Rosa
Will and his team constantly raise the bar with every single thing they do. It doesn't take someone more than a few seconds to realize that this team are the game-changers in the entertainment industry. With the energy, passion, creativity, and loyalty to their clients, Endless Entertainment is setting the bar for an exceptional future. I can't wait to see where this company goes.I highly, highly recommend Endless Entertainment to anyone interested in making their events worth remembering.
Nick Butler
Nick Butler
Endless Entertainment is one company that I really did have a pleasure working with as a Student Council member. They did everything they possibly could to help us make the dance better for our students without raising the expenses! I can't say enough about this company. Endless Entertainment will surely never disappoint!
Zach Hamilton
Zach Hamilton
I've never seen a company so dedicated to putting on a great event. If you are looking for the cheapest Dj you you can find, don't come here. However if you are looking for a quality event that needs go well, Endless is your choice!
Eve Whillier
Eve Whillier
It is always a pleasure to work with Endless Entertainment. I've worked with their team on 15+ projects and the experience is always a pleasant one and their staff is friendly and professional. What sets Endless apart is the way they interact with the people they work with. You aren't just a customer or colleague to them, you're a friend and they value your relationship. Keep up the great work Endless, I can't wait to see how far you go!
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Who is Endless Events?

Hello, my name is Will Curran and I am the founder & Chief Event Einstein of Endless Events. I started Endless with one mission. To create the equation.

Our clients are conventions, festivals, and marketing activations that are pushing the limits, doing what hasn’t been done before, and taking risks in the spirit of progress and positive change. 

We now have over 25+ locations and the best team nationwide ready to enable event planners and professionals to create events that will make memories.


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