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How are you using event tech at your events? Automation and real-time tools can help you a lot, letting you save between 13-25% on your event.

On the front end, you can enjoy more engagement for less labor by allowing attendees to handle part of the logistics themselves. Think NFC for checking into talks, virtual reality for product demos, and augmented reality for networking sessions.

And for practical event tech, you need to know what AV to use. Review our free production guide infographic and level up your AV tech knowledge.

Are You Falling Behind on the Newest Tech?

According to a report, many events companies aren’t using the newest tools to make projects more efficient. Despite advances in event technology and event apps, the behind-the-scenes of the industry is still filled with old practices. For example, some companies said their event financials take as much as 60 days to get sorted out. As a whole, the industry needs more emphasis on automation and transparency to stay competitive. Instead of wasting time managing large spreadsheets.

The Many Challenges of Event Marketing

Putting a finger on the exact contribution of events to a brand’s bottom line isn’t easy, especially when you are using several strategies rolled into one comprehensive campaign. A recent study by Harvard Business Review has found that less than a quarter of all surveyed senior executives have been able to track these numbers reliably. Because of this discrepancy, there’s is a large variance when it comes to the budget allotted for events. Likewise, there is no widespread adoption of best practices such as “bottom-of-the-funnel” metrics and even event marketing technologies.

Find Your Perfect Conference Venue

The venue is essential to your event’s success but choosing the right one is never a walk in the park. Most event managers are used to simply searching over the Internet, and booking an event venue that looks good without giving it a complete assessment. This results in a place that ultimately isn’t a good fit for the event. While there is no fool-proof way of securing the perfect event venue, there are some things you can do from the start to help your search. This includes considering the basics such as accessibility and availability, as well as also taking note event-specific needs like capacity and technical requirements.

The venue is essential to your event’s success but choosing the right one is never a walk in the park. Click To Tweet


Here’s How Not to Kill a Conference with Pitch Competitions

Pitch contests should be exciting, but in real life they tend to be quite boring. For one, the traditional format of a 10-minute-each pitch steals all the fun for everyone. This guide presents a way to make conference pitches both fruitful and dynamic. Presenter only have a maximum of two minutes to deliver their pitch. Then, the participants get around four fifteen-minute rounds to approach the presenters. This way, they choose the ones they’re really interested in. It’s interactive and has found great success in tech and startup events.

Must-Go Conferences For Every Event Prof

Planning an event never ceases to be a challenge, so much so that there are already multiple conferences dedicated to event planners! Mark your calendars, as these meetings will be kicking off around the world for the rest of this year and the next. June marks the launch of IBTM America and MPI World Education Congress, while October heralds the one-day Event Planner Expo and the famed IMEX America. And you don’t even have to wait that long, as January and February also hosts The Special Event and Catersource among others.

Next-Level NFC in Events

NFC is a very simple yet versatile technology with a wide variety of applications. However, many of these applications haven’t seen widespread use in the events community until very recently. The event company Noodle Live has created an NFC-enabled app that allows attendees to tap their phone on an NFC-enabled poster. This then lets them check in seamlessly into the sessions displayed on the poster.


The Right Way To Add AR Into Events

AR is quickly becoming a staple in events. But for many, it’s still a mere novelty and not an integrated part of the event experience. For others, a roadblock in the successful implementation of AR is finding the right partner to help create the experience they want. Augmented reality has a more social dimension that can be powerful when harnessed correctly, especially when people start sharing their own experiences and creations with it.

Planning an event never ceases to be a challenge. Click To Tweet


Making “Immersive” a Reality

Continuing our discussion, how do you plan to use virtual or augmented reality in your trade show? First of all, this tech needs to have its own budget. The experience you craft with your VR presentation should be something that is strongly tied with your promotional content so it can lift long-term marketing goals. Create an immersive experience that’s a useful staple and not a one-off novelty. Of course, as a tool, this means it’s also tied to generating metrics that report on the success of your trade show.


Event Influencers Talk About Their Woes

Not even the experts are exempt from having difficulties in the events industry because of its complexity. G2Planet recently interviewed ten influencers in the field who have battled their fair share of issues. Among them was our very own Will Curran, whose biggest challenge is educating people about the intricacies of AV and production.


Is Social Media Marketing Too Hard? Try This Shortcut

There are so many things going on in social media that you often wish everything is in just one place. Well, your marketing dreams have been answered with the Social Media Canvas. The Canvas is a one-page guide that lets you easily create a strong social media strategy. Social media managers, regular small business owners, and even freelance event professionals can benefit from this template. This is helpful even for bigger businesses since it helps simplify the most important parts of the social media strategy.



Here are the top three challenges of every event prof:

  • Finding time to get things done
  • Keeping up with trends, and
  • Educating stakeholders about the value and intricacies of events.

How about you, what’s been your top challenge around events this year?



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