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How To Use Instagram Stories, A Simple Way To Connect In LinkedIn, and The Secret Behind Attendee Feedback [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week’s Favorites brings us many new technologies. From how to use Instagram Stories for business to learning the secrets behind the feedback left by event attendees, there’s a lot to learn here.

Which Brands Stood Out During the 2016 New York City Wine and Food Festival?

The New York City Wine and Food Festival recently concluded this year in Manhattan. The festival featured about a hundred different events, from cooking demonstrations, dinners, parties, and tastings. Popular events and tastings found their way back into the programme, and new events were pleasant surprises for newcomers and veteran attendees alike. Samsung, Barilla, DiLusso, Frangelico had some of the coolest activities for attendees during the festival. What inspiration can you get to make your brand stand out?

Decoding The Hidden Messages Behind Attendee Feedback

Do you get some pretty vague feedback from guests of your events? Don’t worry, we understand. Here’s a list of things your event’s attendees might be saying that you should pay particularly close attention to. Don’t be fooled by their polite musings of “I can’t function without coffee” and “Can I speak with the event manager”. What can you do better for your next event?

How Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and MGM are Leveling Up Their Meetings Experiences

Some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry are planning some upgrades. Learn about Marriott’s seemingly unbelievable deal with LG. Check out how Hyatt is implementing their new Guest Experience Management (GEM) program. See if Hilton’s ‘WowMakers’ initiative is going to be worth their while. And take a look at MGM’s attempt to keep their roots in Vegas with a new campaign.

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The Future of Meeting Rooms

Experience is getting the limelight for meeting planners. Today, room providers for conferences and meetings are turning up their services, from creativity-inducing furniture and equipment to perpetual refreshment tables to healthier food choices and even to better internet. As the landscape for corporate meetings are changing, several room providers are keeping up, proving that experience is almost always number one.

Is Microsoft Proving Itself Against Apple?

The intense rivalry between Microsoft and Apple has long moved beyond software. Today, these two industry giants are competing in hardware too. With the introduction of its Surface Studio and Surface Dial, Microsoft appears to challenge just how innovative Apple has become with its own Touch Bar, announced just a day after in the unveiling of the new Macbook Pro. Is Apple feeling the heat – or is Microsoft actually gaining on the world’s largest tech giant? See for yourself.

Tesla Reinvents Roof Tiles

Remember Elon Musk, CEO of tech company Tesla? Well, he and his company are making major improvements on solar-powered roof tiles. They’ve gotten their own models of the energy-saving household feature to about 98% of what you’d get from a normal solar panel, but don’t be fooled. The company has made plans with 3M to go beyond normal efficiency rates of traditional solar panels currently on the market.

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7-road-237384_1920Uber Makes First Self-Driving Truck Delivery

You probably know Uber as the company that brought you drivers and carpool on demand. But would you ever have guessed that they’d send a self-driving truck to make a beer delivery last week? Uber, together with AB InBev, did just that. They claim this is the first venture of its kind, proclaiming that they were making major developments with technology. Can you guess what their next move is? We can only imagine.

How To Connect With Target Prospects In LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming the hub for professional networking in the cyberspace. If you want to use it to connect with potential clients and customers, then there are some tips and tricks you’ve got to learn. From creating a buyer persona to using advanced keyword searches, LinkedIn has a ton of features you can use to get in touch with your target prospects.

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How To Use Instagram Stories To Help Your Business

The answer is yes. If you think using Instagram Stories means just being another Snapchat account, think again. Use IG’s newest added feature to promote your special offers, show off your creative process, connect people with the human side of your company, and even signing on a temporary takeover. Anything and everything can be used to promote your business. Use them right, and get creative.

3 Customer Service Training Exercises You Need To Start Doing

Customer service training can seem like a daunting task. But if you employ the right – and fun – kinds of exercises, then you’ll see results in your customer service in no time. Get comfortable being uncomfortable by taking on the Stranger Challenge. Develop clarity in communication by having a weekly show-and-tell. Foster empathy and patience with mindful meditation.


Given all the developments firms have, it’s important to adapt. Changes in the way business works can make or break your company. From technological innovations to better systems, there’s always something we can learn from successful firms about adapting and putting constant improvement as the first on our priority lists.

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