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Turn of Events: Everything You Need to Know About Event AV [PODCAST]

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Last week, Social Tables released its debut episode of the self-produced hospitality podcast, “Turn of Events” – a podcast about events and the people that make them happen and we were honored to be featured as it’s first guest on the podcast!

From best practices in boosting attendance at your next event, to getting inside the mind of a property, “Turn of Events” brings a unique transparency to the ever-evolving industry we find ourselves in. In each episode, they will feature stories about planning successes and mishaps, industry innovations, and the people behind the scenes who provide the energy of every event.

The state of the meetings and events industry lends itself to a new generation of storytelling and sharing of ideas. Our industry finds itself at the intersection of needing faster communication and more efficient technology within events.

This hospitality podcast aims to speak directly to meeting planners and properties alike, with the goal of bringing critical thought-leadership in the world of events.

Turn of Events: Everything You Need to Know About Event AV

In the debut episode, Social Tables’ very own Laura Lopez sits down to talk all things event AV with the President of Endless Entertainment, Will Curran. Will tackles the high level need-to-knows of the event AV industry, as well as successes and snafus he has run into throughout his time delivering high-quality audio visual production to event planners and properties alike.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What to know about event AV before planning your first event
  • How to empower your team to make the right decisions when it comes to event AV
  • How to leverage event technology and develop an event AV plan BEFORE you’ve seen the venue
  • What to avoid when planning out event AV for your next event

Like what your hear?

Social Tables’ podcast will be released every first and third Thursday of the month. Subscribe now and they’ll deliver each episode without you having to lift a finger! By entering in the search terms, “Turn of Events” or “Social Tables” you can now find their show on iTunes and SoundCloud.

You can follow Will Curran and his event AV adventures on twitter at @ItsWillCurran.

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