Want to read about the latest trends in event planning? Well, you’re in luck since we just scoped out a few of the most interesting topics in the events industry this past week. We have every thing from tips to boost your confidence and happiness at work to how a major news network pulled off a harrowing election coverage.

cuttingedgeSteal These Cutting Edge Event Ideas

The word “bleeding edge” has been so hackneyed nowadays that its true meaning has been lost. In a bleeding edge environment, the participant is more of a beta tester, a guinea pig that is presented with a just-finished product. Cutting edge, on the other hand, refers to the presentation of products or concepts that wow the audience because they just work. They are innovative and fully-realized. The audience can participate without minding quirks and caveats. Fortunately, there are several events that have honed the idea of cutting edge to its best form. The best part is that we can all learn from their systems. From NetApp Insight’s hands-on and self-paced learning courses on site, to Startupfest’s unconventional locations, there are lots of things events managers can learn from.

cnnCNN Shows Us How To Ace Events Through Foresight and Planning

During the past US presidential elections, most of the events press was hogged by the campaign staff behind the opposing parties. But they weren’t the only ones working day and night. CNN pulled off an 18-month run of election events nationwide since they realized the gears need to be in motion before the 2014 midterms.

Exhibiting amazing foresight, CNN significantly increased its events manpower to the level that best covered the campaign trails. They created a timeline of special events for a full two years, putting the heads of their technical and production managers together. This included the logistical challenge of each site, with security and manpower as the top concerns. From three-storey tall scaffoldings to overnight interstate movements, the CNN events team pulled off incredible feats with the sheer power of foresight and planning.

futureofsocialThe Future of Social Media is Here, Take a Peek

These days, many events are transcending the boundaries of time and space and finding themselves hosted in online venues. Social media has become a primary catalyst in this. But things you know about social media today may very easily change tomorrow. For one, Facebook is still king. Video is the media to watch out for. Brand awareness is big on social media, but customer support is curiously thin. There are lots of things to watch out for, and Buffer is here to lay it all out for you.

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balancespeedqualityHere’s How to Strike The Perfect Balance Between Speed and Quality

Contrary to popular ideas, doing things fast does not necessarily have to result in inferior quality. In areas like events, every second counts. Speed matters. But so does quality; every move counts as well. Fortunately, there are techniques we can all learn. From creating a clear set of standards and perspectives to the power of innovation and communication, you can do tasks with both speed and quality.

airbnbAirbnb Unveils “Trips” As A Lesson in Collaboration

Airbnb has aspired to be the one-stop-shop for all things travel, and it has recently uncovered its next step towards this reality. In a feat of creativity, the company has unveiled Trips — a tours and activities section for its service. This allows users to take part in experiences that are organized by individual hosts who have listings on the company. There are also collaborations with nonprofit organizations, allowing for tailored experiences.

This departure from the use of formal tour operators and the subsequent partnership with individuals and other organizations marks a very unique change in the world of travel. It also imparts a lesson on the power of innovation through creative collaboration to advance the reach of a product.

perfectvenueWhat’s The Perfect Meeting Venue?

Regardless of subject matter, meetings pretty much need the same basic setup. You want an environment that is conducive to the exploration of ideas, not some office cubicle. You want something focused on the people, too, not some run-off-the-mill location. To this end, Convene has created their 237 Park Avenue location. With amenities like a fireplace and beer taps, as well as innovative features like meeting planner stations, Convene is a revolutionary idea. It is also a demonstration of the unique and practical things that can make any event a successful one.

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confidenceLearn How to Gain Real Confidence

Ever wonder how true confidence looks like? Entrepreneur says to look at its impact. By exerting influence within, people are able to influence those around them. But confidence is not a one-off thing. Instead, it is a habit that is being developed. From seeking out the little victories in life and in events to listening more than speaking, these habits can help spell the difference between failure and success.

greatestThe Greatest of All Time Teach Us Happiness And Success

Events management can be a harrowing job. But setting the bars of happiness and success should always be something we spend time on. It’s not impossible to achieve both. The great people of the past have done so, and they have left behind nuggets of wisdom to lead us on. Learn from the likes of Edison and Picasso, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. Because if happiness is just a state of mind, these people sure can tell us how to reach it.

snapsquareSnapchat + Foursquare = Targeted Ads at Its Finest

Foursquare is known as the go-to place for getting around town. Snapchat is known for its colorful filters, including “geofilters” based on the user’s location. That one intersection has served as a gateway for the inking of a deal between the two companies. Such a deal is illustrative of the power of targeting and the understanding of an audience’s location in the running of business, especially one as location-sensitive as events. The details of the deal also highlight the importance of measurement in running a successful campaign.

socialtoolsHere are All the Social Media Tools You Will Ever Need

As the social media landscape gets more and more important in our daily dealings, it becomes important to know just what tools are available to help us out. Buffer helps us peek into the fascinating world of social media tools, from hand-curated automatic posting to news readers and site integrations.



What other trends in event planning have you discovered this week? Clue us in and leave a comment below!

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