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To many event professionals, trade show engagement is a worthy but often elusive challenge. After all, how do you dispel the notion that people have about trade shows with its “bland ambassadors” and boring cube booths?

We’re here to help. You can start with building a booth that will excite people via its experience as well as its design. Then, try to really engage visitors to achieve your event goal: to get leads. Also, learn from the best brands and how they make their trade shows memorable.

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Get the Right Price for Your AV Setup

The AV system is one of the core components of any event, no matter the complexity. This is especially true of trade shows and trade show booths! In order to make sure you really get what you pay for (and you pay for what you want to get), you don’t just need the right contacts. You also need to understand what items make up your AV bill, and how to speak the AV “language”. This will let you delve deep into the quotes and assess them properly. On this same note, check out our free ultimate AV quote guideto learn exactly how to navigate your next AV quote.


What You Can Do with a Personalized Event

Personalization helps attendees have a unique experience when it comes to your events and tradeshow. It not only makes their event experience go much smoother, it also gives them a certain connection to it. Event personalization can be done through streamlined registration processes and the use of mobile apps throughout the event. Even branding can be tweaked to avoid a one-size-fits-all scenario. Event management also benefits from personalization. Since making the event personalized is such an empowering act, it’s also useful for employee events as much as external ones.

Close Qualified Leads Straight from the Event Booth

Instead of gathering all your leads and assessing them later after the event, you can train your staff to recognize qualified leads so you can close sales faster. This can be a bit tricky, but it does have immense advantages. Your booth staff can start off by learning the “CHAMP” acronym. This stands for determining the potential client’s CHallenges, establishing whether he has the buying Authority, ironing out the issue of Money, and assessing how the client views the Priority of the purchase. And since most of the qualification happens during the potential client’s visit to the booth, the closing the deal becomes that much faster.

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Is Your Audience Bored?

You can never have enough of attendee engagement. After all, when boredom hits any member of your audience, it can be contagious and ruin the whole experience. Furthermore, boredom can mask a lot of other expressions including frustration, indifference, and even depression. The biggest way to counter boredom at any event is to enhance it with elements that break convention and thrust the attendee into exciting new experiences. You can do this in any number of ways by injecting some creativity throughout the whole event planning process or hiring engaging speakers.


Make Your Trade Show Booth Something They’ll Never Forget

To many people, trade show booths all look the same, like cubicles in an office. Here are a few tips to help your event’s booths stand out. To create an unforgettable booth, you have to make their visit both worthwhile and heartfelt. Tap into their feelings instead of using the same old sales pitch. Leave them with a nice little surprise, aside from sweets, that will get them talking about you to others. Don’t burden them with anything on their visit, rather drive home your point in the simplest possible way, then reinforce it later. Doing all these should be a part of your overall trade show strategy.


Craft a Winning Exhibit Strategy

Speaking of booth strategies, you don’t have to be the size of a major sponsor to make an impact. Just learn how the big guns do it and apply it to your own turf. For example, big name brands create inviting environments that tell stories and focus on the visitor instead of the brand. They know exactly who they want visiting their events, and they train their staff to respond to any attendee concern accordingly.


What You Can Learn from Global Events

GetResponse, a company 20 years in the event business, has recently concluded a tour of global conferences. While this has clearly been an immense challenge for them, they did come back with some great lessons. This tips can also be applied to trades shows. First and foremost would be the importance of a reliable partner that will act as your people on the ground. Learning how to make the best use of company assets is also important, along with the proper timing of registration. Keep a handle on everything, especially food. Make sure you have the right personnel and host. When it comes to the attendees, speak up, keep in touch, and keep a plan B handy in your back pocket.

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The Sheer Importance of Conference Content

While experience and networking are both important in an event, attendees always go for one thing first and foremost: your conference’s exclusive premium content. This is why it’s important to deliver that with excellence, lest you lose them completely. This guide gives the four phases of crafting your content, from the things you should be aware of to the memories you would want to leave with your audience. Along the way, note that it’s also important to get into your attendees’ minds, and work on their wants and even fears.


The Five Metrics of Event Marketing

Event marketing can get pretty complicated. So how do you know you’re gaining ground in your campaigns? Just keep an eye on these five metrics. First, understand the quantity and nature of the leads coming in. You can also get real-time and face-to-face feedback by having conversations with customers. Also check the engagement level of your media efforts, both online and offline. Finally, hold post-attendance surveys to get a good overview of how you did.


Techniques to Keep Your Donors Coming Back

Many consider donors the lifeblood of the event, and for good reason. But it’s also important to understand that they rely on a mutual relationship with the event and its management. That’s why it’s important to keep them as engaged as your audience, maybe even more. This means getting them involved in the organization of the event and giving them their own share of swag from the event. It also means keeping the relationship alive on social media and other channels even in between events.



Earlier, we posed a very important question: is your audience bored? I’m sure that you’ve seen this often during your events when surveying a crowd while a speaker is on stage.

The bigger question though is: what are you doing about it? What do you do to make your trade shows and conferences stand out? How do you keep people engaged? Comment below and let us know!


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