It’s been a whirlwind of a year and people are still holding company events left and right. Whether it’s a small office party or a large year-end gala, you’ll have your work cut out for you if you’re in charge of these.

If you’re caught up in the bustle of the end of the year, we’ve got your back. Read about how to beat procrastination, the next biggest thing in events and how to make everyone feel accepted and secure when going to your events. Plan your events well and end this year with a bang.

Beat The Holiday Buzzer: Ideas for Procrastinators

We’re nearing the last leg of the holidays, but you still have that big event for the new year. Don’t worry, though, this article has you covered with 12 ideas that range from choosing venues and event priorities to ideas on decor and food display. Learn to use tablescapes, and existing inventory to cheer up the venue itself. Get to know one of the easiest ways to raise holiday spirits without taking up too much time or effort.

The (Surprising) Next Biggest Thing in Events

For many event managers, technology plays a big role. Many even consider it as the make-or-break factor, seeing tech as the future of events. With virtual reality, 360 video, on demand and live feeds, personalized experiences, and more, who can blame them? But the future might lie in a different aspect of events altogether, with tech just playing second fiddle. Better events are made of this next big thing.

Events For Everyone: The Secrets to Diversity in Events

The greatest events are those that can reach the widest range of people while still making an impact. This is the rising trend this coming year, and event managers need to learn how to make events more diverse and inclusive. Read about the lowdown on how to attract a wider variety of guests, such as providing reduced rates for special qualifications and inviting a diverse cadre of speakers.

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10 Questions To Ask About Event Security

Because of recent world tragedies, security has once again taken the highest priority when it comes to events. No one wants painstaking planning to go to waste because of debilitating tech malfunctions. At the same time, no event manager wants to lose credibility by having a “situation” happen under his watch. This article breaks down the top ten questions of event security and gives salient advice o. From the establishment of perimeters and deployment of first responders, all the way to bag checks and drone policies, we have you covered.

Entrepreneur’s Best Podcasts List

Podcasts are still going strong this 2017, thanks largely to the influence of great pioneers such as The Tim Ferriss Show and Entrepreneur on Fire. They’re not only sources of inspiration and information, they also provide valuable insights on how things should be done — a particularly useful thing in the events industry. Check out 24 of the best podcasts to listen to next year. The list is diverse and includes both established and up-and-coming podcasts. Divided into five sections (from productivity-focused to inspirational ones), read this must-listen list for a more fruitful year to come.

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Star Wars Quotes To Inspire You

After the box-office success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the saga is once more very much alive in the minds of people. But it’s not just the cool things that keep this movie franchise alive. The movies tend to teach us the finer points of life in a very illustrative and heartfelt way. This infographic gives us 28 of the most inspiring quotes from the Star Wars universe. There’s classic Jedi wisdom from Yoda and Obi-Wan, as well as words from the daring Han Solo and the pragmatic Padme Amidala. Anakin Skywalker also made his appearance. Watch out for C-3PO’s words, as well — it can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

What Makes You Bad? Here’s A List For You

Psychology is a complicated thing, and yet it’s something we all need to know to straighten up our lives. While it’s great to know the “hacks” that allow us to control the mind and do wonderful things, it’s also important to know the things that can lead us to failure and immorality. We’ve found a list of 13 deadly forces of the mind that can lead you to do things you will definitely regret. From common ideas such as using euphemisms to bend reality and the acceptance of “small theft”, to more complicated concepts such as cognitive dissonances and the Pygmalion effect, peek at this rogue’s gallery of actions you need to avoid.

New Year, New Face: Refreshing your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn is your face in the world of professionals online. As the new year rushes in, how about giving it a makeover? This article gives seven ideas to help you do just that. From refreshing your branding and message to updating your links, experience, and connections, this will help you jumpstart your 2017 with a more relevant and active LinkedIn profile.

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Use Twitter to Get 10X More Traffic

Despite rumors of Twitter fatigue and its slow death, the platform is still bustling with activity. Tap into this activity and turn it  into traffic for your site. This video (complete with transcript) will help you do just that. Expand your reach by proactively using keyword search automated workflows, and keep connections by “organically” reaching out to them about your brand. With the exponential increase in competition out there, passively waiting to be discovered is a no-no. Instead, use the tips in this deep-dive to get you own edge via Twitter.

Splash Switches to B2B Event Marketing

New York-based Splash has just ended a funding round that generated $7 million, and positioned itself anew as a B2B event marketing business. Previously, Splash used a freemium model, providing tools for those who need help in planning their events. From birthday parties to larger ticketed events, Splash was a go-to resource. This article lays out what changed and the impact of Splash’s moving to the world of enterprise clients, along with the rationale that led the business to pivot.



With a new year once again coming in, you need to be prepared for change. Learn the important event trends to look out for this 2017. for Freshen up your podcast list so you can learn something new while on the go. Liven up your LinkedIn profile to get new leads and boost your career. Get advice from mentors, including those from a galaxy far, far away.

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