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The Best Traveling Solutions for Event Planners, How Tracking Technologies Help Improve The Event Experience & How to Make Your Post-Event Routine Right [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week on Einsteins’ Favorites we are revealing the best traveling solutions for event planners and give you some hints on where to find convenient airfares no matter if you travel for business or holiday. We are also sharing with you a must-read interview with Art Borrego, the C.E.O. of Alliance Tech, an expert in innovative event technologies. And don’t miss out the great advice about how it’s best to proceed after the event with all the information and the contacts we collected. These are just some of the most important titles this week. Discover even more in the articles below!

traveling-hacks-event-plannersThe Best Traveling Solutions for Event Planners

Whenever we are traveling for a business conference, we often face the most unexpected situations that we need to find quick solutions for. Do your shoes start to bother you from wearing them too much? Consider packing Advil and band-aids! Did someone spill some coffee on your new shirt? Come prepared and bring a Tide-to-Go pen with you! Do you need at all time your trip details (flight, hotel, conference location)? Don’t forget to print them and send them to your email as well! Whether you are planning your trip, packing your bags or simply trying to make arrangements to have a stress-free travel and accommodation, these tips are sure to help you in many ways! Check them all out so that next time you will travel without worries!

event-ROIHow Do You Measure the Success of Your Event?

According to a recent survey among event marketers, the most important indicators of the event success are the number of participants, the social media activity around your event and the number of leads generated. No matter their order of importance in your perspective, you should address all of them consistently. As far as the lead generation is concerned, there are three recommendations you can use. Create gated content that provides useful information, send personalized emails to well-segmented groups and always follow-up at the end of the event in a personalized and meaningful way. Here are more ways in which you can work towards the success of your event!

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event-technology-solutionsHow Tracking Technologies Help Improve The Event Experience

Usually, the information about what sessions attendees registered for can tell us something about their interests. However, their behavior at the event may show something different and that’s where the new tracking event technologies come in. With the accurate measurements that can take place, event managers know whether or not the attendees were engaged and interested in the sessions they attended. The new technologies can quickly respond to the profile of each attendee, proposing them recommendations on which sessions to attend or what other people with similar interests do at the event. All in all, collecting and analyzing data about attendees in real time stand at the foundation of more meaningful interactions by enabling personalized marketing strategies! Go on reading an insightful interview with Art Borrego, the C.E.O. of Alliance Tech!

business-growth-toolsThe Best Tools to Grow Your Business

Are you into finding innovative solutions for generating leads and driving more traffic to your website? With Growthtools, you’ll have access to a rich database of resources helping you to have meaningful interactions with your audience, improve the performance of your communication channels and eventually drive more sales. For each area of your interest, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. They all come with a short description, price tags and the users’ votes of confidence. It’s a sort of hierarchy based on the perceived value that makes it so much easier to decide which is the best option to go for. Check out the multitude of the available growth tools and turn your business into a success!

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meeting follow-upHow to Make the Right Post-Event Routine

Whenever we are back from a conference, we experience a feeling of over-saturation with new information.  We are so tired that we don’t want to do the post-event work we’re required to, that is sharing the knowledge with our peers and following-up with the new contacts we made during the event. However, the sooner we take action, the better. There are a few recommendations that can make this work easier for us, starting with sharing what we’ve learned. While the notes we took during the conference may be too many and sharing all of them could seem overwhelming for your colleagues, it’s best if you focus on five key takeaways. By prioritizing the knowledge you learned, you will make an effort to understand it better, and you will also make it much easier for your peers to assimilate it. Find out more practical tips for staying on track with your post-event routine!

mirror-designCreative Mirror Installations That Can Wow Any Audience

Have you ever thought about the optical illusions you can create with mirrors? If your aim is to create a sophisticated decor for your attendees, you can play around with these mirror effects. It takes a designer’s touch, however, to have them beautifully installed. Here is how, for example, Tehran-based artist Shirin Abedinirad managed to transform reality into pure visual art. His specialty is installing mirrors in the outdoors, where he can capture the infinity of the sky. Take a look at these astonishing pictures to get a sense of how mirrors can be used in architecture to empower the most mundane corner!

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instagram-imagesWhich Are the Best Images to Post on Instagram

On Instagram, visuals are the main drive of likes and comments. If we can figure out which pictures work better than others, then we may hold the keys to our success on this social channel. A recent study on almost 1.5 million images from more than 500,000 users showed there is a correlation between the type of pictures used and the number of interactions it attracted. So it seems that images without any filters are surprisingly the most successful of all. At the same time, using more tags rather than fewer is more likely to lead to more comments and likes. There are a few other insights this study provided and it might be a good idea to check them all out before posting another image on Instagram! Take a quick dive into the science behind Instagram!

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international eventsHow to Welcome International Attendees at Your Event

Due to the globalization effect present in almost every aspect of today’s life, it’s no wonder event planners are welcoming more and more international attendees at their events. Giving them a proper welcome and a great experience throughout the event involves additional preparation and attention to details. The first thing that should be taken care of is the information on the event’s website. Details such as how to get from the airport to the hotel or how to reach the event venue are required. Other information related to money exchange, local safety and cultural attractions are useful to your international attendees and will be appreciated when provided. Having a welcoming session dedicated to them, where they can interact with each other, is a good way to make them feel at ease with their new destination. Here are other tips to follow at your events when attracting guests from abroad!

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pinterest_best_practices10 Simple Things Event Professionals Should Do on Pinterest

Taking good care of your Pinterest content is an effective way to promote your business and build relationships with your followers. Always keep in mind to use relevant keywords and tags in both your profile/ board descriptions and pin captions to make sure you’ll appear in the search results of Pinterest. Take advantage of the Secret Boards to gather and prepare relevant content before making it public. It is recommended to have more than 10-20 pins before the board can be followed by your viewers. Also, adding a pin to each board every day is a habit you’ll need to internalize if you want the attention of your followers. Take a look at these 10 best practices you should follow on Pinterest!

airfares-best-dealHow to Find the Best Deals for Air Tickets

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always a good idea to know where to look for cheap airline tickets. It helps a lot if you can book your flights 3-7 months ahead. Searching for fares twice a week does too. If you have greater flexibility in choosing your flight dates, then you can easily come up with better prices. If you’re deciding upon your next holiday,  it’s more convenient if you let the best airline deal decide your next destination. But things don’t need to be that random if you don’t like. Here are some inexpensive traveling solutions for event planners, whether they’re off or on the job!

What would you add to the traveling solutions for event planners presented above? What are your traveling habits that help you confidently achieve your goals? Drop us a comment below.

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