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Event Professionals are constantly on the go. You might be meeting a client in a coffee shop, setting up a hotel for a major event or in a remote location for a festival, but no matter where you are you will need access to your important plans and contracts.

Here are a few tech gadgets that can help you stay efficient and on top of your tasks from anywhere. They will help streamline your workflow allowing you to focus on executing your best event possible!

WiFi Hotspot

If you are constantly on the go and needing to connect to the internet on devices you need a hotspot. With a hotspot you can create your own mobile hotspot anywhere using a cell phone or an external device that can connect to a cellular network. We use this at many of our Endless Entertainment events. It is great for live feeds of video, twitter, Instagram and much much more. Our Favorite is Verizon Jetpack. it is fast and reliable at a great price!

Event Hotspots

Google Chromecast

Event Chromecast

The Chromecast, for those of you who are not yet familiar is a small USB flash-drive device that enables you to send anything you can see with the Chrome Web browser to your TV or other projection devices. This makes for easy sharing of videos, charts, and anything else you may need to share with your clients or team. Also, the Chromecast saves you important space as you will no longer need a projector in your meetings. To work Chromecast just simply plug the usb into to your TV and you are good to go!

Google Apps for Business

Event Google Apps

Every event professional knows that staying organized is key to running successful events and keeping your clients happy. At Endless Entertainment we use Google Apps to do just this. It is the perfect way to everyone on the team in sync.

Google Apps for Business houses email, calendars, important documents and contracts on a cloud system. With Google Apps, all your work saves to their cloud automatically. You can access to your email, calendar, important documents, contracts from anywhere using your internet connection. No matter where you are in the world and what device you’re on. For event professionals constantly on the go and always needing access to important documents, calendars and emails this is a must have.


Event Smartphones

This one may be obvious but it is no longer acceptable to not have a smartphone. More than ever event professionals need to be reachable by phone and email at any point of the day. Time is always a major factor for event professionals. We all need to be constantly accessible.  This is why you need a smartphone. Armed with a smartphone you will have immediate access to your contact lists, your phone and email. Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for event professionals, and it fits right into your pocket or purse for easy transport!

Digital Tape Measure

Wondering if your space will fit all your tables? Need to see if your walls are high enough for your video screens? Touring a potential venue and wondering if your event will actually fit inside the space? A digital tape measurer can be a life saver and make designing spaces easy and painless! Every event professional should have this in their bag.

Event Digital Tape Measure

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