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Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Event

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When you are planning a large event you it is very easy to start thinking about it all of the time. You begin losing sleep worrying if you chose the right table linens, if people will like your food choices, and if people will have a great time. Event planning is stressful and can drive even the most calm people to the brink of a meltdown. Obsessing over all the details is not the way to go about planning. Instead follow our tips below to help you have a fun and stress free planning process and final event!

Stay Focused on the Final Result – When planning your event it is super easy to get caught up in the small details. However, you need to stay focused and remember why you are having your event. By keeping the cause for your event in mind you are able to remember what is really important. This will allow you clarity while planning and the help you make decisions. With your newfound clarity prioritize what is important so you can then focus on what needs the most attention.

Break Down Your Event Down Into Small Pieces – Once you have found your events main priorities you will now be able to break down your event into small pieces. Creating a list of things that need done ranking them from most important to least can help you stay on track. If at any point you find something on the list that is no longer a priority delete it and free up that time for something that is. If your list still seems daunting try to find members of your team to designate certain tasks to. Working with a team will help alleviate a lot of your planning stress and pressure.

Event To Do List

Don’t Sweat the Small Things – If you planned on having white table clothes, but later on decided they should have been off white do not sweat it. Little details like this can drive you to insanity. However, ask yourself if this is really worth worrying over. Will guests even notice if your tablecloths are off white? Will they notice if you went with a less expensive more simple floral centerpiece to cut costs? I doubt it.

Unless it is on your list of top priorities do not sweat it. Once you make a decision on something like a linen color, floral, or invitation don’t go back and second guess yourself. It will only waste your time and add unnecessary stress.

Instead of sweating the small details focus on major elements that will allow your guests to have a great experience such as a great DJ or band that keeps them dancing all night, an interactive food station or a super fun circus act.

Keep It Simple –  Keep your event true to your cause. If something you see isn’t relevant to your event no matter how cool it is do not add it on. Only use elements of design, entertainment, and giveaways that add value for your attendants.

Make your design and details tailored to your event so it is personal and well thought out. There is no point in having an a lot of extravagant event details just for the heck of it, instead choose a few that really fit your event theme and keep it simple.

Enjoy Your Event –  You worked really hard picking out all your perfect details for your event. Once your event finally arrives just sit back and enjoy it! Be sure to hire others to manage your event production day of so you do not need to worry about any of it.

At Endless Entertainment we know it is easier said than done to relax at your own event. This is why we send out an Event Manager to every event to ensure event production goes off without a hitch. They are there to take care of all elements of your event such as managing the DJ, making sure announcements are made, and your lights look just right so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your event!

Are you planning an event? In need of event production? Don’t stress contact us now to get started planning your amazing event!

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