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SocialTagg: A Platform for Better Networking, Better Events

By July 16, 2014March 29th, 2022No Comments

Imagine this: you’re an attendee at a conference or professional mixer, and you’ve just waited in a long line to check-in, pick up your badge, and get through security. Once inside, you meet a few people whom you’d like to get to know. You reach into your pocket and realize something: you’ve forgotten your business cards. After the event, you come home with a stack of business cards, with the terrible realization that you can’t remember who you spoke to or what you talked about, and may be missing a few cards.

Meanwhile, if you’re the event planner hosting the event, you’re running around in the background to monitor the check-in table, manage event logistics, and find ways to measure your event’s success.

Have any of these situations happened to you before? Or, perhaps a better question: how many times have these situations happened to you?

This story is what inspired SocialTagg, an integrated mobile application and web platform designed for better networking and better events. We believe that people go to events to meet other people, and we’ve built innovative software solutions for the event industry that help people host engaging events and network at those events.


On SocialTagg, event attendees can easily network and check-in to events using just one app. Now, not having enough business cards is no longer a worry because your virtual profile and new contacts are stored in the cloud. You’ll also be provided with a unique badge that will allow you to check-in at events or easily share your contact information with new contacts (Contaggs). After meeting some new people, you can make notes, add the contact to your mobile device, and export your list for easy follow-ups.

What about event planners? Along with providing attendees a fun networking experience on an easy-to-use app, you can streamline the registration and check-in process, measure event engagement analytics, and create custom surveys for attendees to take. For example, instead of using pen and paper for the registration table, you can now use a phone or tablet to keep track of who has checked in to your event, simply by scanning pre-registered guests or tapping the guest’s name on the list. SocialTagg also provides demographic information about the attendees, real-time engagement statistics, and the ability to survey attendees straight to their mobile devices.


SocialTagg functions beyond a regular event platform to provide attendees with a way to record event contexts around new connections, while allowing event planners to measure social engagement on the app as it happens. Additionally, while other networking apps require both parties to have the app to exchange information, SocialTagg only requires one person to have the app to make the connection. Each person’s unique badge can be scanned by a QR reader, or shared on email and text messages.

With a world-class networking app, easy event check-ins, and the ability to gather event analytics and survey results, what’s not to love about SocialTagg? Best of all, the SocialTagg app is free, and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Adaptable to events of all sizes, SocialTagg simplifies your event logistics and facilitates meaningful connections at your events. Create your SocialTagg event today and give your guests an engaging networking experience that they won’t soon forget.

Author Bio:

Johnny CJohnny C is a writer at SocialTagg and an international development specialist, whose primary work has been social enterprise in Southeast Asia and East Africa. When he’s not busy trying to make the world a better place, he’s writing fiction (along with his soon to be released first novel, The Durian Diaries), playing guitar, filming short films and taking pictures, or training in martial arts and parkour. Johnny writes for the SocialTagg blog, and you can find more of his professional work and musings at

Matt Walker

Author Matt Walker

Matt has been involved in marketing and event management for the better part of the last decade, planning concerts and comedy shows of national and local scale, tour managing various brands on national tours, coordinating VIP experiential marketing, and developing marketing plans for entertainment and technology companies. When he's not writing blogs and event managing at Endless, you'll find Matt playing hockey, attending concerts, going on weekend trips, drinking IPAs, working on graphic design projects, and having a good time with his friends.

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