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With the exponential growth of technology and social media, it is becoming easier and easier for non-attendees to see pictures, videos, and more from events that they are unable to attend. The World Cup 2014 Finals between Germany and Argentina that took place on Sunday, July 13th set records, including setting the German TV viewing record with 32.57 million viewers and a reported 20+ million viewer-base in the UK alone (sources: DigitalTVEurope, BBC). Snapchat decided to utilize this event in a new way.

We all had the opportunity to watch the game broadcast on TV, using standard video of game play, interviews, commentary, and advertisements. Social media usage allows users to feel a more personal, seeing what it’s actually like being at the event and showing more personal emotion of the attendees.

Snapchat Unveils “riolive2014”

Photo messaging and social media application Snapchat took advantage of the amazing World Cup viewership and their unique style of messaging to surprise their massive user base around the world with a project called “riolive2014”. Snapchat compiled a stream of “Snaps” (pictures and videos) from users in Brazil attending the World Cup and associated events in person. This gave users from all over the world a more personal stream of constantly updating media. Users around the world were allowed to vicariously experience the World Cup through a semi-live stream showing users at the actual game, getting ready to attend the game, at the beach in Rio watching the game on the jumbotron, and more.

Snapchat tested the waters with this type of feed during electronic music festival Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas last month. It seems that the developers behind the app are looking at expanding the application beyond just user-to-user interaction and pushing it to create a new way of virtually experiencing live events. This has huge potential for sponsorships with large events, concerts, professional sporting events, and more. Will the future of Snapchat look more like what we’ve seen with the World Cup and EDC? It’s hard to say for sure, but if Snapchat started giving users the option to opt in to whichever events they wanted to keep up with, I think they have the opportunity to utilize their app in a whole new way that users will really enjoy.

Do you think that social media curated and crowdsourced feeds have a steady future in events? Will we be seeing a lot more of this in the future (I hope so!)? Did you enjoy the World Cup and EDC curated “Stories” on Snapchat? Let us know in the comments! 

Image credit: World Cup 2014 Places, TechCrunch, Colvn

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