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Smart Event Lighting Solutions for Limited Budgets, Where Is the Wearable Technology Heading to & How to Host International Virtual Meetings the Right Way [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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This week Einsteins’ Favorites reveals smart event lighting solutions that ensure cost-savings at your event and tells you about the revolutionary smart clothing becoming the next trend in wearable technologies. We also understand the rising trend of working in international teams. That’s why we warmly recommend you to follow Beth Knuppel’s (VP of talent management at Ericsson) advice on how to conduct virtual meetings in a productive way. Discover more interesting findings in this week’s articles!

smart-event-lighting-solutionsSmart Event Lighting Solutions for Limited Budgets

When taking care of the lighting, event organizers consider satisfying the ambient lighting needs as well as creating beautiful lighting effects. Sometimes, their budget is on a shoestring, but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep their standards high and come up with smart event lighting solutions. One of the least expensive lighting options event organizers have are candles. Candle-lit rooms are generally warm and friendly and give an intimate cozy feeling overall. String lights also make up for the low-budget choice, and they’re especially helpful when you need to light a big indoor space or an outdoor area. Wireless lighting technology is also a good option to consider, despite the higher investment you’ll need to make when you buy this type of equipment. In this case, the budget savings will come along with each new setup you’ll make. Plus the setup and the teardown time is considerably reduced. Here are several other lighting options that are budget-friendly and eye-catching as well! What other smart event lighting solutions do you know?

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how-to-function-on-little-sleepHow to Stay Awake When You Haven’t Slept Enough

Event professionals are known for dealing with many sleepless nights, given the challenges and the dynamic of their work. These tips on how to function on little sleep might come in handy for someone that pretty much works around the clock will little room to spare for sleep. Staying awake and productive at the same time is a serious challenge when you had a bad night’s sleep. That’s why you need to find effective ways to keep you in the game for as long as you can during the next day. Staying hydrated and having a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meat are both part of the staying-awake program. Check out a few other great tips to help you function well even on little sleep!

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smart-cloting-wearable-techWhere Is the Wearable Technology Heading to?

It’s hard to ignore that technology is ever more present in our lives. If smartphones are now the norm, expect smart clothing to be the next thing you’ll get used to. For one thing, this new kind of tech-enabled apparel can help you navigate a new city using tiny sensors giving you the right directions. It also has great applications in the events industry where as a spectator of a sports match you get to experience similar sensations that players on the field experience such as exhaustion or excitement. This revolutionary clothing opens a new era for wearable technologies and offers far more opportunities than what wristbands can provide. It has the power to take experiences to a whole new level and is certainly a win on the user’s side. Continue reading to find out more about this smart technology!

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virtual-meetingsHow to Host International Virtual Meetings the Right Way

When you’re working with an international team, you can’t avoid not having virtual meetings. There are many factors that can impede videoconferencing. The Internet connection may not be stable, some participants may fail to make the correct technical settings on their side. Synchronizing time zones can be difficult because you’re expected to set a meeting time that is acceptable for everybody involved. Even when technology is not raising problems, and you can hear each other well, it remains the problem of how to properly conduct the discussions for them to be productive. At the end of the meeting, you need to have tangible results and receive everybody’s input in the process. Take a look at these recommendations we need to follow to have more result-oriented virtual meetings!

meeting-designHow to Approach Meeting Designers for Their Services

Reaching out to design consultation services is a good idea when you’re planning an important meeting you want to turn out well. For receiving proper help with designing the meeting, the expert needs to know a few things in advance. For once, you need to make it clear who is he going to work with. It is preferable for the designer to work directly with the meeting owner, as he’s the one having control over the meeting’s goals and budget and is the only one entitled to approve the format proposed by the expert. Additionally, knowing who and how many will be attending the meeting is also critical for conceiving an adequate design. Here are other essential information you will need to provide your meeting designer with!

happiness-at-workHow to Make Employees Happy

Being successful doesn’t necessarily make you happy. It’s rather the other way around that happiness will eventually lead to success. So how do you reach happiness in the workplace? Studies indicate there are 3 major triggers for happiness at work: being able to work flexible hours and manage your projects on your own, doing work that ultimately helps other people and being on a continuous learning journey mastering your top skills. Take a look at this more detailed infographic on happiness at work!

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texting-for-businessWhy Text Messaging Can Benefit Your Business

Almost everyone these days has a phone with texting capabilities. Due to its wide accessibility as well as its low cost attached, texting can turn into a powerful business tool. It enables easy communication with the customers and relies on favorable statistics that most messages are read. Compared to email, texting is a better communication channel given both the open and response rate. In terms of open rate, it’s 98% versus 20%, and as far as the response rate is concerned, the gap is still wide: 45% vs. 6%. Backed up by data claiming that 44% of consumers would rather receive marketing messages through text over any other channel, we should be confident in approaching texting as one important communication channel. If you’re not yet convinced about the power of texting for business, take a look at more relevant statistics!

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trade-show-visitorsHow to Get Quality Leads at a Trade Show

When you’re at a trade show, and you’re interacting with attendees visiting your booth, you should remember these few guidelines on how it’s best to proceed to collect high-quality leads. The interaction should start by asking an open question that can lead to identifying their needs. Other important information that establishes the strength of a possible contact addresses their role as decision-makers and their purchasing intent. When ending the conversation don’t forget to ask permission for a follow-up email or call. Then is a great opportunity to get the visitor’s contact details and have a possible lead to follow. Take a look at more helpful tips on how to secure quality leads at a trade show.

great-achieversBizarre Habits of the World’s Greatest Achievers

History stands as proof that some of the world’s greatest achievers had or have special ways of dealing with productivity and creativity shortages. They went even further and turned them into ongoing habits that apparently made them function and perform at their best. Here are just a few examples. Thomas Edison slept only four hours each night and took 20-minutes naps during the day. Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his novels standing at this desk. Benjamin Franklin was an inveterate adept of one-hour long air baths. Take a look at 14 other bizarre habits of well-known figures that had a powerful effect on their performance!

paper-smart-toolNew Tool to Seize Your Inspiration

This week one app that caught our attention is called Paper and it resembles a wall with sticky notes. Besides looking very nice, the app lets you do some amazing things with incredible speed and ease. You can take notes, create checklists, organize your thoughts for an important upcoming speech. You can also easily add captions to your photos, draw on pictures, overlay text and do highlights. The same highlighting options are available for text as well. As if this was not too much already, Paper allows you to create diagrams, charts and drawings you can then easily integrate into your presentation, which you can afterwards export as pdf, powerpoint or images. To be able to use Paper at its full potential though you’ll need the stylus pencil which is available for $50 to purchase. It is also worth mentioning that the app is exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad.

We are on a definite growing trend where everything is becoming smart. From the familiar grounds of smartphones and smartwatches, we are clearly taking off to conquer new territories that were inconceivable not long ago. Smart apps like Paper or smart clothing are as much innovative as they are invaluable to an exciting user’s experience, so we will probably see new interesting features from them coming up soon. What other tech trends affecting the events industry have you found particularly noteworthy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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