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Sensational Event Drinks, Shameless Dress Code Fails, and Smug Social Media Predictions [Einsteins’ Favorites]

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Creativity is ablaze in this week’s roundup! From social media predictions to new forms of wowwing the public, our latest post is chock-full of new technology and designs. Which ones will be sticky enough to be adopted en masse next year, and which ones will just be a footnote of this year?

10 Dress Code Name Fails

Setting up a certain dress code for every event is essential to create that right atmosphere and tone. It even makes things easier for the invited guests who’d save time thinking what’s good to wear. You already know the usual dress code names from Casual to White Tie. But then, these names have evolved for the worse that could add more confusion. Imagine using the name “Fancy Ranch”, which doesn’t even mean wearing jeans and cowboy hats at all.

8 Tasteful Ways to Make Your Event Drinks Extraordinary

Nothing can beat a good event if it has great ambiance, music, food, hosts, and program. Of course, the best way to get your attendees socializing is alcohol. That doesn’t mean you should place red plastic cups and the cheapest draft beer on the center table. Show them you’ve got good taste through high-quality drinks and items that won’t fail to make your beverage appealing to everyone’s taste buds and eyes.

24 Social Media Predictions You Should Watch Out in 2017

If you think 2016 has been a year packed with new technology, that’s just the beginning. The social media world war continues as Twitter and Snapchat could be in a heap of trouble if they don’t step up their game. Meanwhile, Facebook continues its adapt and improve strategy by creating an Instagram story-like feature. LinkedIn tries to be more than an online resume by creating more content. Pinterest may soon dive into creating videos. Lastly, Instagram could be the next platform for ecommerce by placing shopping tags on images.

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4 Effective Ways to Use LinkedIn in Connecting with Prospects

LinkedIn isn’t just a place where you can post your job skills and experiences online. Take advantage of those other LinkedIn users that could be and should be in your network list by using the tools they already have available. You can start by doing the simplest things such as reaching out by sending a personal message and sharing relevant articles that can help solve your prospects’ problems. If you’re aiming to promote your brand, this is where you can use advanced options such as saving data archives that you can upload as a custom audience in Facebook.

After Photoshop, Here Comes “Voice-shop”?

Adobe’s creation, the Photoshop, has helped millions of people from magazine companies who wanted to slim down their models’ faces up to that bored teenager who just wanted to copy-paste himself on the Arctic. The creativity of people is truly limitless. This year, Adobe has released another breakthrough. During the Adobe Max Creativity Conference, the company introduced VoCo, an audio editing suite that allows you to speak and use another person’s voice just by typing. Benedict Cumberbatch talking in complete street slang? Definitely possible.

The Most Valuable Sports Brands in the World

The Forbes Fab 40 looked for the real value of the top brands in sports. Instead of measuring the total earnings of each sports brand, Forbes listed down the most valuable brands by measuring how the brand name itself contributes to its value. Some of the known brands in the list include College Football Playoffs, Usain Bolt, and New York Knicks. So what brands made it into the top? Read on to find out.

The Empire State Building Lights Up as an Election Tracker

On the 8th of November during election night, the Empire State Building’s south façade was transformed into a 32-story screen showing real-time election results. The smart display is a collaboration project by the brilliant minds of CNN, Instagram, CA Technologies and Empire State Building’s management. It didn’t only keep people updated, but it also made the audience participate the campaign through the hashtag #MyVote.

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6 Ways You Can Praise Remote Workers

According to the ranking of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, recognition tops it all – even better than giving rewards. Higher employee productivity and decreased employee turnover are some of the benefits you’d unexpectedly receive once you start acknowledging the hard work your employees have been doing. It can be exciting to start smiling and shower praises among your reliable staff, but what if they’re working remotely? It’s not that hard as it sounds.

No Fly-zones no More: Disney’s First UAV Spectacular is About to Come True!

Disneyland and Disney World are known for their night shows and grand fireworks, but of course, they want to level it all up by using drones. In 2014, they applied for permission from the FAA to fly their own drones that’ll carry screens and light pyrotechnics. While the FAA has relaxed the ban on drones, it’s still unsure when and what kind of shows Disney fans should watch out in the future. But not to worry, you can watch the teaser video of Disney’s first UAV spectacular this winter by clicking on the link.

American Airlines Upgrades WiFi: Goodbye GoGo, Hello ViaSat.

Over 500 domestic aircrafts of American Airlines will get that much needed WiFi boost after it dumped GoGo’s terrestrial Ku-band. ViaSat will replace GoGo with its 12mbps service, which is known to be the best you can get while up in air. American Airlines’ passengers will alll be happier knowing that this new Inflight WiFi will allow Netflix and Youtube streaming.



How about you, what new technologies are you most excited about this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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