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The new year is coming up! Have you reviewed your event sponsorship packages and contracted your sponsors for next year? It’s not yet too late to extend contracts or even get patrons to sign on for multiple years.

To help you out, we’ve found just the right guide for you below. We also know that a lot of planners are concerned about event engagement and data security, so we found you some great resources about those as well.

And on the subject of event engagement, check out our webinar on maximizing audience engagement for your next event.

The Event Professional’s Guide to Dealing with Disrespect

Event planners work with all sorts of people, often all at once. Some of them can be disrespectful, some even downright toxic. Dealing with difficult clients in the event industry is never easy, but there’s always something you can do to defuse the situation while upholding your reputation. The key is to keep a level head and to address each instance logically without jumping to conclusions. After all, the industry is hectic enough without all the added drama!

Here’s How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Sponsor

What’s better than getting a sponsor for your event? Getting a sponsor to sign up again next year! With the year nearing its end, you need to get hustling. Start by charting the sponsor’s ROI before and during the event, so you have a compelling reason for them to stay on. You can also offer multi-year contracts, complete with an early-bird rate for those willing to take the plunge. Get the lowdown on these tactics and more in this blog post.

Takeaway Trends from Event Tech Live

London hosted this year’s largest European event tech show, and as always Event Tech Live gave us an overview of many up-and-coming trends in the industry. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the talk of the town, given its impending May 2018 implementation. Another highlight was the apparent decline in popularity of event apps, as chatbots and other technologies take the lead in engaging audiences. Event personalization was also a trending topic, as more and more attendees now expect a tailored experience when they attend live events.

What’s better than getting a sponsor for your event? Getting a sponsor to sign up again next year! Click To Tweet


Killing Holiday Cliches

Holiday events can sometimes feel like cookie-cutter affairs. Sure it’s cheery and magical, but didn’t we do the same things last year? As an event planner, how can you make your creations truly stand out? From creating video booths instead of photo booths to switching up your event color palette, there are lots of ways to avoid the same old holiday ideas. Maybe you can even up the ante by incorporating charity into your event, or you shake things up completely by doing away with December parties altogether! January brings a lot of opportunities that everyone seems to miss in the rush of the holidays.

Get More People to Use Your Event App

The event industry relies heavily on technology, so it’s not surprising that we’re fast becoming mobile-focused. And contrary to the earlier article, event apps are still an important way to engage your attendees. What if people don’t install your app, or worse: uninstall it immediately after trying it out? Maybe there just isn’t enough incentive for them to explore it. The app may lack the features they want, or it might have some hidden downsides you need to know about. This guide will help you track the metrics needed to learn how people are engaging with your app.

The Real Deal About Event Engagement

Event professionals often talk a lot about “engagement”. What if our current understanding of engagement (and how it’s measured) is just the tip of the iceberg? Engagement is supposed to be a way to measure active participation, and how participants progress in the different parts of their event journey. Engagement can (and should) be used to make real-time adjustments, to identify influencers, and to gauge which parts of your event are successful and worth repeating and which are not. Learn more about engagement and its implications in this article.

Does Cybersecurity Worry You?

Typically, event planners cybersecurity doesn’t rank high on our list of concerns. That is until an app you use suffers a data breach like in the case of Uber and Equifax. And yes, that personal information you collect during events is very attractive to hackers looking for data to sell or people to scam. The problem is that most events have a host of security weaknesses in their digital and physical networks. By understanding the threat and putting security first, you can keep both your clients and your attendees safe from digital harm.

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Think Social Responsibility When it Comes to Your Holiday Giveaways

Gift-giving time is upon the world once more, but as planners, we deal with this every day of the year. However, the holidays might be a perfect time to rethink the gifts we give. Aside from being fancy and cool, why not add a dash of personalization and a sprinkling of social responsibility? By supporting brands and products that adhere to environmentally-conscious processes, we can make a difference not just to the lives of the receivers, but also to the world in general.

Productivity and Remote Work: Is it a Myth?

When you think about it, the ability to work whenever and wherever should make us more productive. After all, it means less time for office chit-chat and commuting and more time actually churning out something useful. But as many a remote worker can attest, nothing could be further from the truth. We need to realize that mobility is merely a step forward in technology. To truly boost productivity, what we need to do is improve the processes and practices that fuel the way we work. From creating better software to improving company workflows, we need to get cranking if we really want show that mobility equals productivity.

Work as You Sleep: Designing Your Ideal Workday

What you do tonight will shape tomorrow’s work day. More precisely, how you sleep each night greatly affects how you will work during the day. Because of this, it’s a great idea to structure your day depending on your sleep habits, what sleep specialist and author Michael Breus calls our “chronotype” or natural sleeping pattern. This guide tells you how to find out your chronotype, and how to create an ideal schedule around it.



Gotten enough sleep lately? I know I haven’t. But if what we’ve read is right, you really need to make your work schedule pair well with your chronotype if you want to keep getting things done.

So, what’s your chronotype? 🐻🦁🐺🐬


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