Ever thought how hard it is to get work done these days? There is so much to do and so little time to do it. We feel your pain and rounded up a few of radical productivity hacks for event planners that we’ve discovered. From getting a cold shower first thing in the morning to literally selling everything you own, we’ve found some of the more unusual productivity tips you can follow.

Don’t worry, we’re not forcing you to do these things. But if it worked for them, it might just work for you. Okay, okay, let’s start with something more festive: holiday planning!

1Here Are 9 Ideas To Jumpstart Your Holiday Party Planning

Setting up an event is never easy. You want it to be as unique as possible, with as much pizzaz as you can put in. This goes double for something as jolly as the holiday season. But don’t worry, this article gives you a gallery full of the best holiday ideas. From outdoor winter wonderlands to stilted animals, from a ping-pong themed party to one adorned by ceiling-height stars, you’re sure to find an inspiration for your holiday event.

2Always Mind Your Morning Mood

We know that productivity is influenced by our prevailing moods, and this is an important consideration when working on an important event. However, what we don’t know is that our morning moods affect just how we work for the rest of the day. The findings came from a study done by the University of Pennsylvania. The researchers found that a person’s mood in the morning pretty much remains the same throughout the day. If there ever was a strong argument for starting the day right, this is it.

3Look Inside A CEO’s Schedule: Zappos’ Tony Hsieh

Zappos is one of the most accomplished customer service companies in the world, and its CEO is a mirror of the fact. Tony Hsieh is not the average CEO. He does not embrace overt luxuries, and he continuously drives radical ways to make his company more efficient and more customer-oriented. From his Holacracy strategy to the way he manages his people, this article dissects Hsieh’s schedule and tells you how you can adopt his best practices for your events teams.

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4Excelling in Excel for Events

Microsoft Excel is a two-edged sword. It can be a powerful tool, or a black hole of productivity. However, there is no need to fear its blank, staring cells and complicated formulas. This article gives you all the things you need to master in order to harness Excel’s power for all your events. Combine attendee information fields, understand your demographics, and forecast future data in a breeze!

5Negotiate Like A Ninja

Negotiation is always an important part of any deal. Have you been short-selling your events because you can’t get a hand up in negotiation? This article is meant for you. From soft skills (positivity and an early start) to hard strategies (tactical timing and research), this article will help you get the most out of every negotiation. Set things on your own terms, and build a lasting relationship with your clients!

610 Tools To Amp Your Social Media Wall

Are you using a social media wall for your events? This has the ability to make or break your success. By providing a new platform for your attendees, social media walls help spread the word and also opens up new opportunities for sponsorships and advertisements. This article gives you a rundown of the 10 best tools you can invest in to give your events an added dimension.

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72017 Top 10 Event Trends To Watch Out For

If you can look into the future of your industry and ride the next trends even before they come, why wouldn’t you? Event Manager Blog’s blockbuster annual report is here again, containing everything you have to watch out for to stay on top of the game. But this year, there’s an added bonus. Aside from event trends, it also features the up-and-coming in venue, social media and digital marketing, destination selection, and more! A grand total of 40 trends in just one free report. What could be better?

8Radical Practicality: Ditch Your Home to Regain Your Life

Those who heard about Neil Patel’s decision from outside sources would have thought him crazy. He had sold his posh Las Vegas condominium and several of his belongings, in exchange for nothing. At least, nothing material. Now, he’s literally homeless, with only a suitcase to go around with him. But wait until you hear it from him, how it boosted his productivity and how it gave him a new zest for life. In the end, it was not a crazy decision after all.

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9Procrastinating? Shock Yourself With This Weird But Effective Remedy

No one likes cold showers. However, it has been prescribed for ages to athletes to help refresh and heal their bodies. You’re not an athlete, you say? Well, here’s new research: cold showers can also help in improving both your mood and your productivity. It goes two ways as it mentally demolishes what you cannot do for the day (you did jump into ice cold water already) and it physically primes you by unleashing those feel-good hormones. Science continues to amaze us with its discoveries, not the least of which are the therapeutic properties of ice-cold water. If you can stand it, that is.

10Go At It Like A Guerrilla — 20 Tactics For Your Next Event

In warfare, guerrillas are well-noted for their disruptive and unconventional fighting styles. Despite poor resources, they can easily chip away at powerful forces by relying on their relative advantages. Needless to say, this attitude can be applied to other things such as events. You don’t need to be the biggest fish in the pond to be recognized as the best. You just have to turn the playing field into your own by applying these strategies. Market and turn your event into a success without shedding an army’s worth. Leverage existing platforms and personalities, use existing spaces, and shake things up with this list of twenty.



Did you learn something new from our roundup? We certainly hope so. We’d love to hear back about your own unusual and radical productivity tips below. What’s the weirdest life hack you’ve put into good use recently?

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